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    Free Forum System is PHP Project is Based on Free Forum sytem in which user does not need to sign up and log in. It is fast, easy and simple. Features of this Free Forum:- Easy Comment : Just write your comment, write security code and save.- Easy Admin Panel: Here you can add new forum, or edit/delete forums, you ...
  2. phpC Forum
    254 total visits
    phpC Forum is a PHP and MySQL forum script. It is packed with lots of features, for quickly installing and deploying your own online community. Features of phpC Forum:- Easy installer- Admin panel- Plugins- Templates- Multi-lingual- Easy users management- Integrated search engine- WYSIWYG editing- Polls- Profile pages- Facebook and Twitter sharing tools- Forums can hold sub-forums- Statistics page- Organize users ...
  3. Ramui forum script
    372 total visits
    Ramui forum script is a free PHP forum script and a simple text based forum script, i.e. user can't attach image or any compressed file with their post. This script has been developed to meet the requirements of the webmasters who need a safe and secure forum script for their websites. Ramui forum script has few unique advantages and limitations ...
  4. LayerBulletin
    618 total visits
    LayerBulletin is a free opensource community forum software and fully featured community forum software which is easily customizable using themes and modules that can be quickly installed through a click of a button. It is run by a group of developers and staff, as well as the community, and we don't earn from the core software - we are opensource, ...
  5. PHPDevel Forum
    430 total visits
    PHPDevel Forum is a simple forum software written in PHP. The script has multi-language interface. Features of PHPDevel Forum: - posting - replying - private messages The script allows to browse unread topics, user's topics, or user's topics with unread replies without leaving current page. Admin features include: - moderation panel - translation panel - and mailer
  6. OneForum
    508 total visits
    The OneForum is an easy-to-modifying Forum equipped with many features. It has an Admin & Mod Area. The appearance can be changed as you want! There are also some Addons. Features of The OneForum:- User Profiles- PM System- Admin / Mod Area- Spam Protection- Captcha & IP-Lock- BBCode & Smileys- RSS Feeds- News-System- Announcements- User edit / block- SHA1 encoding- ...
  7. EasyDiscuss
    988 total visits
    EasyDiscuss handles all your questions and answers from users easily in your Joomla website. Works like a forum, EasyDiscuss gets your community abuzz with valuable conversations. This is also a discussions tool that will eventually build a repository of knowledge.If you like how Yahoo! Answers work and want it in your website, EasyDiscuss gets it done in minutes! Best part ...
  8. No Screenshot
    230 total visits
    phpStickyBoard is a simple, quick, user friendly and secure forum like Baidu.com tieba. It aimed at creating a forum program in simple, quick and easy-to-use interfaces. Security(of structure, contents) is concerned as the most important.Features of phpStickyBoard:- BBCode Support - make your posts rich!- Authority Level - Different level-er(s) live in parallel worlds.- Keep track of everything - user data ...
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    162 total visits
    ArgooMap is an online, map-based discussion forum, which allows participants to reference their contributions to geographic locations.Different versions of ArguMap and ArgooMap/Argoomap were developed by students supervised by Dr. Claus Rinner at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) with partial funding from the GEOIDE Network of Centres of Excellence and DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.Past and current developers at Ryerson and ...
  10. Cruciforum
    349 total visits
    Cruciforum is a very simple web forum, designed to make it really easy to add a discussion forum to a website. Meanwhile,it comes in one single powered PHP file and uses a flat-file system to store data.Installation:- Download the forum.- Save it to the web server.- Run the file.- Start adding topics.
  11. NoNonsense Forum
    315 total visits
    This is a PHP forum that runs without a database and own the privilege of no need to register on the forum. Just enter the same username and password every time when leaving a message.The default forum layout is also mobile friendly, so it can be accessed from any kind of device. Features of NoNonsense Forum:- Sub-forums- Sticky topics- Name ...
  12. HelixBoard
    432 total visits
    HelixBoard is a PHP forum board, compatible with MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL databases. Meanwhile, perfect for building online communities and debate websites.Features of HelixBoard:- Automated graphic installer- Admin panel- Forums and topics- User control panelRequirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
  13. PBBoard
    442 total visits
    This is a free flat-forum bulletin board software that is easy to use, powerful and highly customisable. Pbboard offers extensive support to end users.
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    633 total visits
    This is an easy to use and very simple to edit PHP forum script. It uses a MySQL database and has an internal mailing system. a registering system and users can post topics(disussions) and reply to others. The home page of the forum has the list of categories of the forum, Each category has topics and their messages.The forum supports ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    XennoBB is a lightning-speed, stable, secured and moderm bulletin board. This is a forum based and developed from PunBB.The centralised Admin Control Panel does a wonderfull job, providing the administrators and moderators with a single place for forum configuration and personalisation. XennoBB has a simple but powerfull templating system which will allow to integrate the forum into any website with ...
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