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    TikiPro Web Framework Project Renamed to bitweaver. CMS with: tiki & pear wiki, cms, articles / news, phpBB forum bulletin board, blogs, image photo gallery, file sharing, poll/survey, calendar. Tikiwiki upgrade PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, FireBird on Windows & Linux.
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    EclipseBB is a pre-modded phpBB forum. It is usable on any webserver running PHP and MySQL. It is based on the original phpBB forum software offering many modifications to the core of its parent software.
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    Simple Boards, a very simple, very fast message board solution for your website. Easy to install.
  4. PhpMyForum
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    PhpMyForum is an very powerful freeware forum. This is a very basic forum, nothing fancy: It has a member registration function and a login page. Member-users can add topics to forums and reply to topics. Admin-users can add categories, add forums, add topics, and do cascading deletes.Features of PhpMyForum:- Design individually adaptable;- board code as HTML replacement;- email notification with ...
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    FOG Forum is as french bulletin board project written in PHP, and using Smarty Templates Engine. It includes all the standard features, and more.
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    TikiWiki is a very powerful wiki system that can easily be used as a complete web portal. It can be used in absolutely any scenario, from blogs, to static sites, to a wiki, to a social network and much much more. Features of TikiWiki:- Multi-database support- Wiki system- Graphic installer- Newsletter management- FAQ section- File manager- Image gallery- Menu manger- ...
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    LearnLoop is a web based GroupWare for collaborative learning.Features of LearnLoop: - Forums, - calendars, - webmail, - quiz, - peer-review, - chat, - file sharing, etc.
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    Simpleboard Forum Component for the Mambo Open Source CMS framework.
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    iBulletin is a new brand of message boards, it features a great index and great speed. iBulletin has a good template and language system. iBulletin will not include useless features that will clutter up the server and slow it down. iB is coded in PHP.
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    Kaolak is a web-based community sytem running on Apache with PHP4 and MySql. A community is defined by its users and documents and forms a kaolak branch. Kaolak is designed to handle many branches transparently from each other.
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    New Portal System is an instant website engine. It gives you the ability to set up and run a fully featured website in a few seconds!! New Portal System includes: Forums, Polls, Internal memo, system, News etc...
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    Aztek Forum Server, Forum in php/MySQL for website : Very easy to install, to use and to administrate.Extreme possibility of customization, only with forms for non-specialist users. Aztek is also a multi-user Forum Server, with their own administrators.
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    TxtForum is a small forum that uses flat files to store all the data for the forum. Great if you don`t have an access to a database!
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    WWW Forum was actively developed between the years of 1997 and approximately 2001. Better solutions exist today. RIP.
  15. Just Another Forum
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    Just Another Forum is a forum that has the a similar look 'n feel as PHPBB2, but JAF is made to be fast. JAF also features a caching template engine.
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