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    Football Website Management/creator is a PHP script that allows you to create a website for a football (soccer) team in order to keep track of team info and league matches. It is menu driven so no HTML or programing knowledge is required. It allows you to add teams in your division, add players to your squad, assign roles to each ...
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    OFFL (Online Fantasy Football League) is a web application for hosting American-rules fantasy football leagues. Creation of Online Fantasy Football League is motivated by two primary factors:- Information management of each hosted league is automated including trades, waivers, free agents, calculation of scores, standings, etc.- Freely-available fantasy football hosting on the net is all but gone.The aim of the project ...
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    Phasma is a php/mysql tool designed to help Hattrick managers run their teams. Hattrick is a famous football manager game which enjoys the greatest popularity among gamers.
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    Duliga is a PHP written MySQL based multi player online / web game played by Browser. It reverts to real soccer / football results. Users set up a team of real players that competes in a league and various cups aginst other users teams.
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    Gatito Prediction League, a football prediction league web application written in php/mysql. Users predict games and are awarded points for correct score and result. Features of Gatito Prediction League:- users stats, - team and mini leagues, - online admin,- rss based result checking.
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