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  1. kure
    808 total visits
    Kure is a free PHP Blog software,which is a simple and portable blogging engine written in PHP. It runs on a flat-file database, meaning it stores its posts and information in straight-up text files rather than database systems. No database systems are required. Kure sports a templating engine to suit your styling needs and a plugin engine to suit your ...
  2. LabWiki
    1854 total visits
    LabWiki is a simple, XHTML/CSS standard-compliant, wiki software written in PHP. It uses plain text files for storing data (instead of a database such as MySQL). The wiki is easy to setup, use and customize. Among its features are auto-backups of previous versions of a page, backup trimming, restoring from backups, IP-based and/or login-based editing restriction, password protection of pages, ...
  3. nSys Flat News System
    2371 total visits
    nSys is system for publishing news articles, made with PHP and FLAT files, no databases needed. Script installation is very simple, you have to fill in a simple form with your user name, e-mail and password. Script automatically creates required files and sets CHMOD permissions.You can add as many users as you want, and set levels for them, from 1 ...
  4. No Screenshot
    2015 total visits
    Filebased News Mangagement is a simple PHP script that lets you add text news to your homepage through a Web admin interface. It allows you to add, delete, modify and list the news articles. Methods used include: form handlin, file handling, POST method, and Arrays.
  5. No Screenshot
    2353 total visits
    Filebased Guestbook is a text file-based guestbook that doesn't use any database. It is solely written in PHP and should run anywhere. Feel free to adapt it to your design.
  6. FlatForum
    2812 total visits
    FlatForum is a fast, clean, and simple threaded forum that uses a flatfile database. It's designed for people who have small to medium-sized websites and don't want a huge, bloated forum like phpBB. Features of FlatForum: - Small and fast. The required files for FlatForum are less than 150k combined. - Uses an optimized flatfile database. Unlike most flatfile forums, ...
  7. petitforum
    1922 total visits
    petitforum is a little discussion board which does not use MySQL and uses text files instead. Written in French.
  8. No Screenshot
    2099 total visits
    ADP Forum is a discussion board system that doesn't use any database, but instead stores all the data in txt files. The forum is highly customizable, you can easily edit: colours, fonts, icons. There is a detailed readme file that explains how to install. Features of ADP Forum: - user authentication, - member ratings, - avatars, - configuration panel, - ...
  9. No Screenshot
    2343 total visits
    Illumicore is a content management system designed for churches, non-profit organizations, and other web sites of that nature. It includes support for custom generic pages, create your own style sheets, podcasting and web audio playlist, calendar, contacts and maps, and more. Does NOT require MySQL, but uses a flat file SQL based database called SQLite. Requirements:PHP 5.1.4 or later.
  10. No Screenshot
    2310 total visits
    Pulse CMS is a tiny flat file CMS. Add content management to any site in 5 minutes. Built in backup. Drag and drop install. Small footprint. He can define "blocks" on the website which are editable. Pulse will then provide an easy to use backend to make edits right from the browser.Features of Pulse CMS:Standard features:- WYSIWYG Content Editor- Image ...
  11. Edit-Point
    1771 total visits
    Edit-Point allows a website designer to remain in control of the design while letting a user to only control the content.The designer adds designated editable areas (Edit-Points) throughout a website, as many as needed, wherever they are needed. Once the Edit-Points are added through the Administration Page, they can be edited with the Editor Page.The included WYSIWYG editor(with an image ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2433 total visits
    Plain Text File News Manager is meant to manage news articles stored in plain text database files. It supports adding, removing and displaying news articles in a flat text file database.
  13. No Screenshot
    3685 total visits
    PhpDig is a web spider and PHP search engine project, using a MySQL database and flat file support.PhpDig search engine can store textual content of indexed documents in files. PhpDig search engine builds a glossary with words found in indexed pages. On a search query, it displays a result page containing the search keys, ranked by occurrence.Features of PhpDig:-HTTP spidering-Full-text ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1677 total visits
    cutenews aj-fork, a fork of the popular news/blog software CuteNews.The intended use of this software (CN:AJ) is for blogs or small newssites. Think of it as b2-light. Depends on PHP4, thrives on apache and uses flatfiles for data storage.
  15. Moowli
    1563 total visits
    Moowli is a file-based Content Management System that allows the front-end to be completely formated and produces only accesible xHTML/CSS. Moowli is a project of S&M Web development.
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