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  1. Data Structures - The flash way!
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    Data Structures - The flash way! aims to use flash animations to create an interactive open source website that can be used by students to understand the finer details of data structures. This website aims to provide e-learning material for data structures. It aims to use flash animations to create an interactive application that can be used by students to ...
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    Infocat 3.0 is a PHP/MySQL/XHTML/Flash News Display. Integrated with the Open Source Joomla! CMS system. Infocat 3.0 will allow users to log in and save announcements, and a seperate display page will load and display the announcements using Flash.
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    Coxiar Media Platform allows you to host video files and stills and stream them over the internet via flash. You can upload flv files just like in youtube and share them with your friends or family.
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    SugarCrm custom modules for timetracking, CV/project/Resource Allocation/Expense/Incident (ITIL)/Product mangagement. Including a new flash dashlets. Also an installable module that allows sugarcrm to have one-many relationships in subpanels
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    Bingo Call System is a flash based program, with a php back end, for use in displaying called bingo numbers.
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    ERYX is a flexible, fast and easy-to-use XML content management system with a whole bunch of integration opportunities for XHTML, Flash, InDesign, PDF, and any web-based software that makes excessive use of XML-files. ERYX is fully driven by a native XML database. It is written in PHP and uses XPath and DOM to navigate through the database, for making database ...
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    Flash blog (Trke) is a php-mysql-flash Blog... Tamam flash zerine kurulu PHP-Mysql blog... Ayrntlar, bilgiler internet sitesinde yaynlanmaktadr.
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    If you want to present the routes of your journeys, show the locations of your offices or any other places of interest, ammap is perfect for you. You can also use it as "hot spots" software. Uses Flash, php, mysql.
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    FlashComs chat and messenger applications are fully compatible with vBulletin. They are positioned to be the most innovative and feature-rich applications among flash based solutions. Video/audio options as well as basic text chatting provide real time communication experience to website members. Such features like multi-room, one-to-one conversatoins, flexible video window positioning, personal settings, friend/block lists, complete integration with existing users ...
  10. vBulletin Chat Module & Chat Block (for version 3.x)
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    123 Flash Chat server software is full-featured & high-performance Java chat server plus stunning Flash chat client! vBulletin Chat Module & Chat Block (for version 3.x) is a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. 123 Flash Chat server software can integrate existing database of forum or website. vBulletin Chat Module & Chat Block (for version ...
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    Joomla Chat for 123 Flash Chat adds a pop-up chat room with multiple skins and single sign-on. Chat room can be fully controlled Joomla ACP.Joomla Chat Extension can add a live chat room to Joomla, nine skins and users single sign-on. The best part is once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted chat wil be assigned to your ...
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    FlashVideo - distribute (Streaming) video content along with some notes + attachments to the students. Also the students can keep their personal notes about the video/teacher's note. WebClass - conduct online lectures with shared slideshow
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