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  1. AjaXplorer
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    AjaXplorer is a PHP rich-client browser for managing files on a web server without FTP. Implements usual file actions, online zip browsing, text files edition and images preview. Users management system and multi-languages.Features of AjaXplorer:- Files manipulation: Upload/Rename/Copy/Move/Delete/Download files.- Bookmarks system- Create folders, create empty files- Edit textual files: code files (js, php, html, java, sql, perl) are syntax highlighted ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Download Inspector keep track of file download statistics. It can work with local and remote files the same, keeping track how many times a file has been downloaded. Download Inspector uses a php.ini-like config system that tells the system where files are located and how it should parse/track the results. It works out of the box and without the use ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    mail is a simple PHP library for writing messages and the user's IP to a text file. The 'mail' PHP library works by logging a user's message, IP address and date to a text file and then locking the file file via chmod. To prevent spamming, a filtering algorithm is hardcoded in the library, so no more than 10 messages ...
  4. Loci
    96 total visits
    Loci is a PHP and JSON based template engine. Loci takes the content of JSON files and inserts it in special tags inside PHP files. This operation is called templating and is currently used on a large scale in most programming languages in creating and outputting dynamic Web content. Requirements:- PHP 5.4 or Higher
  5. No Screenshot
    347 total visits
    Assetic is a advanced asset management utility for PHP developers. Assetic is a very powerful solution for managing physical file assets inside PHP-driven applications or websites.Assetic's main role is to provide a tool to organize, minify, merge and deploy existing resources. It includes numerous tools and features that optimize applications, improving compilation and delivery speed in resource-heavy PHP applications. Features ...
  6. No Screenshot
    176 total visits
    PHP Session Upload is a script which can track the progress of file uploads using sessions. It can check a session variable assigned to keep track of the progress of a file upload. The script can return the current upload progress value in percentage and can set the session variable to cancel a file upload in progress. It can also ...
  7. No Screenshot
    251 total visits
    Freedomeditor is an file system explorer and file manipulation program, written in php/ajax/css/html/javascript. It is aimed at editing html/images/css/javascript/php/flat txt files but can be expanded for anything. It is web based and thus can be used as cloud computing software. Features of Freedomeditor:- ajax text file editing (including edit_area + tinymce WYSIWYG)- ajax memorized file tabs- edit_area code hightlighter, ajax ...
  8. No Screenshot
    205 total visits
    Bohemian CMS file manager is a fast and simple script for uploading and downloading and can be used to administer file uploads and downloads. You can login as admin and set which files can be accessed publicly and if public uploads are enabled.
  9. No Screenshot
    299 total visits
    FStat is PHP stat script, which analyses useagentstring of a visitor with the help of the useagentstring of visitor with the help of the use-agent-string.info api and stores the stats in XML files. There is no need for a database like MySQL, SQL ...Features of FStat:- detects Browser, OS, Bots, Country, Referer and Search Keywords- Show stats for a month- ...
  10. Daddy's File Host
    735 total visits
    Daddy's File Host is a free and Open Source file and image hosting script. It is modeled after many popular free file hosts such as rapidshare and megaupload. It is easy to set up and does not require a MySQL database!Features User Features:- Multiple File and Images Uploads- Progress bar on both Image and File Uploads- Upload Files On The ...
  11. PHP File Uploader
    2483 total visits
    PHP File Uploader is a free and open source File Upload Script features for easy to use and hi-performance. It allows you to upload files to web server without refreshing the page. You are allowed to select and upload multiple files and cancel running uploads, add new files during uploading. The look and feel of this PHP Document script can ...
  12. PHP Download File script
    1483 total visits
    This PHP script can be used not only to avoid direct files downloads and hide real file paths, but also to limit downloads to only some set of file types. PHP Download File script should be a perfect choice for sites that have different files and would like force people to download the files instead of having them run remotely ...
  13. WEBinsta FM Manager
    872 total visits
    WEBinsta FM Manager is built to provide a simple, powerful, reliable PHP file management system for the people who want these facilites but do not have the technical knowledge of handling the bigger and complex version of such managers. A combination of features, such as clean GUI and size which is hard to beat were provided in this project too.Features ...
  14. Celerondude Uploader
    780 total visits
    Celerondude Uploader is a PHP upload project allows you to run a file hosting service on your web server. With this free PHP project, each account allows to have its own seperate storage space, you can manage them with the web based admin tools.Features of Celerondude Uploader:- Bandwidth tracking and limiting (requires mod_rewrite which means Apache)IIS servers with ISAPI_Rewrite will ...
  15. mediaIndex
    949 total visits
    mediaIndex is a compact PHP5 project which creates a browseable interface for your media files. It could be described as a cross between a document management system and a web-based file server. Media file types are configurable and supports movies, audio, source code, text files, and images. It can store metadata such as descriptions and user comments, thumbnail generation and ...
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