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  1. DaDaBIK
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    DaDaBIK is a free and OpenSource PHP database application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable front-end for a database in order to search, insert, update and delete records.DaDaBIK is used to manage and show online a "database of language endangerment levels with referemces to collectins and recording of oral literature that exit in archives around the world". ...
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    CLIGRAPHCRM is a CRM web based. It is an Open source CeCILL-C licence. The project provides reports with graphs, sales-management, marketing campaigns with e-mailing, data export,internal news,etc..
  3. OpenNewsletter
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    OpenNewsletter is a no database PHP newsletter features for Simple, Small, Beautiful Add/Delete Subscribe Import/Export Subscribers. Users Can Subscribe/Unsubscribe Option to Send Unsubscribe Link or Not Option to Set Charset for Newsletter Text/HTML Newsletter.
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    Reportmaker allows you to define a generic report in xml containing sections,graphs,tables,images.The data can be retrieved directly with sql query.The report can be exported in various formats (html,xml,rtf,pdf).
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    The Claroline applet Claroline Course Exchange (CLCEX) allows Claroline users to import and export learning objects, for example learning paths or exercises, to and from learning object repositories (e.g. SWITCHcollection).
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