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  1. osCommerce
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    osCommerce is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administrative backend. osCommerce 2.x is for older PHP and MySQL versions, while the 3.x branch if for more modern and latest PHP/MySQL versions. Features of osCommerce:- OOP coded- Admin panel- Easy to install- Multilingual- Templated layout for easy customization- Products management- Organize categories- Manage manufacturers- ...
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    PhpShareFiles is a PHP application designed for company or groups to exchange large files on the web when SMTP servers ca not. Authenticated users can create zones where they can put files or tell their contacts to put ones. Notification messages can be sent.
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    SImple FIle EXchange tool to share files with collegues and/or friends on a webserver. Features of SiFiEx - Simple File Exchange:- Upload / download /delete files.- E-Mail sent out to inform other people. - Skinable (via CSS) and multilingual use enabled. - Works with PHP4 and PHP5.
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    With TrafficCenter, it is enable to swap your traffic. Trade banner, popups, textlinks, frame, email, homepage caller and welcome page with other.
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    MaxHost is used to manage many exchanges and toplist pages. On each page your banner link is posible.
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    ZZ/OSS develops general solutions for common problems of distributed data exchange, based on valuable experience and expertise. Our innovative products connect distributed knowledge pools in the areas of business, training, research, engineering. A high degree of interoperability has been implemented, to allow efficient integration or migration of legacy systems and third-party modules. For our customers, we adapt those reliable solutions ...
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