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  1. EMIHR
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    EMIHR is used to create and manage companies, departments, customers, projects and resources. Keep track of the resources (e.g. hours) put into a project. For those of you who like their own style: this software uses themes!
  2. HERMES PHP-Based Business Mgmt
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    HERMES PHP-Based Business Mgmt, the Highly Extensible Reporting and Management Enterprise Suite.HERMES is an architecture under development for providing a php-based platform agnostic and database agnostic suite of tools for managing and reporting business resources.
  3. BusinessWiki
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    BusinessWiki is a Enterprise level Wiki available on GPL Licence. BusinessWiki bases on MediaWiki Core.Main Features of BusinessWiki:- Visual editing- Folders and tags- Easy creation of PDF documents- Backup mechanism- Multiple feeds allowing information tracking and notification of changes (RSS, mail, mobile web)- Comprehensive user guide- Compatibility with MediaWIki (database standard, wiki-text) and Open-source version for your safety
  4. CalemEAM - Open Source EAM/CMMS
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    CalemEAM is an open source enterprise asset management (EAM/CMMS) suite. It features Web 2.0 Ajax client with drag-and-drop customization and a PHP based server. This free CMMS/EAM project can be used for industrial, facility and IT asset management.
  5. No Screenshot
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    Silicon Fodder, browser based enterprise level collaborative working solution including enterprise email and CRM, fully searchable document management, shared diaries, messaging, projects, phone books, notepads and much much more.
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