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    Features of PBL Guestbook:- Web-based administration control panel - Prevent double-posting or post-hammering! - Allow or disallow HTML - Enable a notification email to receive a notice when you get a new post- Allow visitors to rate your site- Emoticon support - Show or log the visitors IP - 5 customizable questions - Choose the number of posts per page ...
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    SnortCenter is a web-based client-server management system written in PHP and Perl. It will help you to configure Snort and keep the signatures up-to-date.The Management Console will build the configuration files for you and then send it to the remote sensor.- Some features: SSL encryption between Management System and remote Sensor Agents.- Build in user authentication.- Automatic update / import ...
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    SMScryptor encrypts and decrypts messages sent from any mobile phones using:- AES 256 encryption- J2ME MIDP2.0 CLDC1.1- ECMAScript - Apache / PHP / mysql
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