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  1. Administration Notepad
    1947 total visits
    Administration notepad is an easy to use password protected notepad where you can store your own notes and ideas. The password is completely encrypted to ensure that no prying eyes can access your private notes.Features of Administration Notepad:- 100% FREE!- Password protected to ensure that no prying eyes can access your private notes.- Password is salted for 2 layers of ...
  2. AnoBBS 3DES encrypted forum and communication repository
    1783 total visits
    The purpose of AnoBBS was to provide a simple BBS for online encrypted debate.A list of the basic functionality: user authentication | topic list and topic view | three userlevels; admin, moderator and user | post threads | post and edit replies | print or save threads | edit, delete and lock threads (mod) | edit forumdata and users (admin) ...
  3. phpPassSafe
    2168 total visits
    phpPassSafe is a web based Tool for secure, rolebased password storage and management. The passwords are stored aes-256 encrypted. Now a random password generator is included.
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