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  1. Registro Elettronico
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    Registro Elettronico, LAMP application for the project La scuola in Ospedale.Il programma è stato rivisitato da una versione precedente, il codice è stato migliorato in alcune funzionalità, ed è anche pitù gradevole grazie ad un nuovo look 'n' feel.
  2. No Screenshot
    2045 total visits
    The openelibrary is an online collaborative space for sharing and consulting web-bibliographic and multimedia resources. It is developed in php/mysql and is a powerful instrument to share documents and common knowledge.
  3. No Screenshot
    2384 total visits
    IILearn is an e-learning and course management web application based on the Dokeos LMS/LCMS system. We aim to provide a flexible way of delievering E-Learning courses and contents. IILearn will integrate with DimDim.
  4. No Screenshot
    1430 total visits
    Nivelamento, a xoops module that allows teachers to create online examinations to determine the level of a student in a language. The questions are multi answer type.
  5. No Screenshot
    842 total visits
    A platform for the delivery and support of online learning. It differs from many other elearning platforms in that its aim is to concentrate on the social/interactive aspects of teaching and learning rather than the delivery of content to students.
  6. No Screenshot
    2068 total visits
    Aidear is a family management project, functions include Education, Health, Personal Stuff and Finance.
  7. No Screenshot
    2380 total visits
    osSchool - a school administration system, targeted,not exclusively, at International Schools ( PYP,MYP,DP & IPC,IGCSE). Currently the project osSchool is undergoing a major rewrite. A stable release is expected at the end of August 2009
  8. Study planner
    2127 total visits
    Study planner, a study planner, helping students to choose and plan the appropriate actions or tasks in order to reach their goals (PHP based).
  9. No Screenshot
    1927 total visits
    Structured Forum, an activity social module for Moodle Learning Environment. StructuredForum is based on three types of generic contributions, namely specification, elaboration and consensus.
  10. No Screenshot
    1918 total visits
    Open Learning System (OLS) 1.5 is a constructivist learning management system (LMS) designed to support modern user interfaces (web-based GUI) and allows easy integration with other applications (e.g. video conferencing).
  11. No Screenshot
    1772 total visits
    ATL: ASA Tutor Locator reduces tutor load by using transient ad-hoc peer communities that are seeded with document fragments from the learning network.
  12. No Screenshot
    2279 total visits
    LAMP School, Registro Scolastico On Line Open Source.
  13. EdLite-light-weight web classrooms
    2014 total visits
    EdLite is a light-weight web-based php student, teacher filesystem designed with p2pware environments in mind. It is intended to provide the missing persistent pieces which in combination with p2p apps make a full online training or education system.
  14. No Screenshot
    1717 total visits
    Ludwig Course Management System is a combined tutoring and assessment system written mainly in PHP and using a MySQL database. It is intended for elementary programming classes. Ludwig was developed at Penn State as the result of a Software Design class.
  15. ComVironment
    1587 total visits
    ComVironment is an Open-Source platform to set up network-based learning environments, using an innovative CMS that makes it possible to create an individual learning-platform.
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