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    Pnyx est une application Web (PHP/MySQL) d'lections virtuelles conue pour des lves du primaire et du secondaire, dans lequel ils sont amens faire des propositions en ligne et voter pour leur favorite, sous la supervision d'un enseignant.
  2. Portada - DACAD Gestin de academias
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    DACAD Gestin de academias, profesores, alumnos, clases en academias y particules y pagos. Realizado en PHP y MySQL.
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    Course Registration Management System is a Course Management System for anybody running courses.Essentially allows for users to register online and also to provide your website with published course schedules and control over registrations, all managed by an administrator console.
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    ICamp is a research and development project funded by the European Commission. The project aims at creating an infrastructure for collaboration and networking in Higher Education across systems.
  5. Stack
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    Stack is a System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer algebra Kernel. This project provides tools for integrating computer algebra functions into learning and teaching systems.
  6. Sistem UAT Peperiksaan Sekolah
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    Sistem Peperiksaan berasaskan PHP + MySQL untuk kegunaan sekolah bagi menganalisis data dan memasukkan markah secara online. Digunakan untuk menghasilkan keperluan analisa keputusan markah ujian mengikut kehendak semasa. -Malay
  7. Proyecto HeLADo
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    Proyecto de investigacion y desarrollo de Herramientas Libres para la Educacion. En otras palabras, investigamos, difundimos y programamos Software Libre para la Educacion. Saludos desde Mar del Plata, Argentina!
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    Simtrain is an web based tuition center management system with features like manage student info, employee/tutor info, tuition class and registration, product & services, payment, generate official receipt, cash onhand, stock.
  9. DOOR - Digital Open Object Repository
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    DOOR (Digital Open Object Repository) is a free learning object repository implementing IMS metadata and content package specifications. It's usefull to all organizations producing, storing and reusing digital learning contents.
  10. Inwicast Mediacenter
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    Inwicast Mediacenter adds multimedia capabilities to Claroline and Moodle so that teachers can easily publish, manage and share audio and video podcasts in various formats. Inwicast Mediacenter can also manage videos hosted on servers like Youtube.
  11. Alumni Tracking Database
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    Alumni Tracker provides the ability to track alumni of a college or unitversity for the purposes of helping to demonstrate compliance with the accreditation standards required for departments in higher education.
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    Course-manager is a web-based registration system for courses held at an educational institution.It features a public interface for filing registrations and an internal interface for managing course attendance approvals by the coordinating staff.
  13. JLI! - Just Learn It!
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    The software we are developing is known as JLI!, from "Just Learn It!", a name that paralleled the Region of Lombardy's "Participate: Just Do It!" initiative aimed at fostering the adoption of information technology among small and medium enterprises. The initiative called on the University of Milan Information Science and Communication Department to undertake the development of e-learning tools for ...
  14. Paidei Education Platform
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    Paidei Education Platform is a web-based, enterprise-wide classroom and campus management system. It developed in conjunction with educators, the system provides rich functionality for students, teachers and administrators, including forums, gradebook, exams, chat, etc.
  15. IEP-IPP
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    IEP-IPP, individual Program Plan / Individualized Education Program software. Manages information on the instructional program for a student with special needs.What's new in IEP-IPP:- Spellchecking added (php pspell libraries)- Program plan duplications added- Font on objectives fixed on PDF- Password change problem fixed- More Signatures on PDF- File upload problem with php5 fixed
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