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  1. EOS Online Merchant
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    EOS is an Open Source eCommerce solution based on CRE Loaded. It focuses on providing increased functionality and reliability with smaller, more efficient code. An emphasis is placed on API expansion and compliance. EOS also includes impressive support for distribution of virtual products including file downloads and media presentation with its own integrated file library and media gallery systems.
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    Quasi CMS is a CMS based on the QCodo framework. It uses AJAX when possible and has a native ecommerce system. Layout is div based and themes/styles are achieved with CSS. It is designed to be a highly flexible and extensible.
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    Einkaufszettel- und Speiseplangenerator, Kochrezeptsammlung.
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    SIPS/ATOS for Prestashop, SIPS/ATOS bank module for Prestashop.SIPS/ATOS for Prestashop is composed of:- CyberPlus/Banque Populaire - ElysNet/CCF - E-Transactions/Crdit Agricole - ElysNet/HSBC - Mercanet/BNP - ScelliusNet/La Banque Postale - Sherlocks/LCL - Sogenactif/Socit Gnrale - WebAffaires/Crdit du Nord.
  5. Ferzo InSite
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    Ferzo InSite is an application that allows user to sell digital products online such as eBook, executable programs and so on. It use PayPal as it's primary payment processor.
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    Freeway is the open source eCommerce platform for selling services and products. With Freeway you can sell booking and appointments, event ticketing and subscription services as well as physical and virtual products.
  7. FreePay
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    FreePay is a online free banking solution based on public banking and european financial standards which associate multi-currency, free market, BIC (SWIFT Bank Code), IBAN, payment, credit card number validation and ecommerce. Features of FreePay:- open standards- un Marché libre (MIC) free market (MIC)- un SWIFT libre (BIC) a free SWIFT (BIC)- une Banque libre (IBAN) open a bank (IBAN)- ...
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    AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is an advanced PHP/MySQL Content Management System (CMS) for internet/intranet portals and websites. AIOCP has hundreds of Web modules and includes e-commerce, e-business and development framework.
  9. Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script
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    Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script is based on the osCommerce engine.Autoload incorporates the best contributions available:- Quickbooks import,- real time shipping rates,- PayPal,- Google Checkout,- Auctionblox eBay management,- Easypopulate,- Dynamic Header Tags,- multiple images. Features of Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script:- One Click Install- Almost any payment processor including PayPal, C2Checkout, and Google Checkout.- USPS and UPS real time shipping ...
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    Katyshop is an easy e-commerce solution written in PHP with MySQL. The code is object oriented with a very simple and clean architecture, making it easy for the programmer to work on customising the database or changing design.Requirements:- PHP4 or PHP5- MySQL 3.23 or higher
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    ECanteen is a data-driven web-based ordering system for canteens catering for schools or any organisation. Users order and admins process by a calendar interface. The end product is a csv file for each day that is used to print labels or lists.Features of ECanteen:- Database ordering system- canteen
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    Selling Made Simple (SMS) is an open source e-commerce shopping cart. SMS provides a basic, yet highly extensible framework for creating your own e-commerce store.
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    Dreamrig is a PHP script that creates a website for a user to put together and order a custom computer. It would be great for the website of a Custom Computer Manufacturing Company.
  14. Self-Commerce
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    Self-Commerce is a powerfull Opensource e-Commerce (shopping cart) Solution, written in php/SQL, with Smarty Template engine. Self-Commerce was originally based on XT:Commerce(3.04sp1/sp2.1).development by the open source community.
  15. EdgeERP (ERP Accounting eCommerce)
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    EdgeERP (ERP Accounting eCommerce), business Accounting ERP. Continuing webERP. Multiple currency, warehouse, language. EdgeERP is an internet based accounting/ERP software produced by an ongoing community of accounting and business software developers. Carrying on from the great work our community did on weberp, EdgeERP continues it's tradition of reliability, accessibility and flexibility while forging ahead with the demands needed by its ...
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