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  1. Forward
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    A full-featured, developer centric e-commerce platform that makes custom code easy, with powerful templates & expressive syntax. Built primarily with PHP and MongoDB, based on a new micro MVC framework with a REST-like model layer. Note: It's still early and many features are in development, but the platform does most of what any online business needs today.
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    Arcavias is an open source e-commerce platform for *NIX systems, PHP and MySQL. Arcavias makes it easy for regular users to install and run an e-commerce store with the help of a visual interface. Arcavias is also available as a TYPO3 plugin as well. Features of Arcavias:- Multi-shop system- Multi-lingual- Multi-currency support- Customer groups- Ext JS admin interface- Shopping cart ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Forward is a full-featured, developer centric e-commerce platform that makes custom code easy, with powerful templates & expressive syntax. Forward aims to make e-commerce design more innovative, creative and free, without the usual complexity and high cost.
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    Shopware is a PHP e-commerce platform for running online stores. It also provided as a complete VMWare package for interested users. Features of Shopware:- Modules- Admin panel- Ext JS-powered backend- Graphic installer- Documentation- WYSIWYG editing- Store management features- Users management- Content management- Statistics and reports
  5. Axis
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    Axis is a powerful open source e-commerce platform for running complex online stores. It created with PHP, MySQL, ExtJS, jQuery and the Zend PHP framework, Axis has quickly established as a top of the line solution, even before reaching 1.x stable status. Features of Axis:- Admin panel- AJAX ExtJS-powered interface- Easy installation script- Magento-like structure- Easy product catalog manager- Organize ...
  6. OXID eShop Community Edition
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    OXID eShop Community Edition is an e-commerce platform for creating online stores, which was developed using PHP and MySQL. For big shops, an Enterprise Edition is available as well under a commercial license. Features of OXID eShop Community Edition:- Outstanding functionality for state of the art B2C, B2B and social commerce scenarios- Sophisticated, server resource-friendly performance- Easy Installation, short time ...
  7. CubeCart Lite
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    CubeCart Lite is a free version of the CubeCart e-commerce platform, which is an e-commerce script written with PHP & MySQL which allows developers or simple end-users to setup an online store within minutes. Features of CubeCart Lite:- Customer Limit - 100- Order Limit - 250- Store Administrators - 1- McAfee Secure Audited- No PCI Compliance Required- Simple Setup Wizard ...
  8. Onxshop
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    Onxshop is an e-commerce platform for building online stores or simple websites. It is built for PostgreSQL and with a touch of the Zend Framework and jQuery UI, the platform is very flexible, coming with a bare bones theme on which to build more complex websites. Multisite design allows to run multiple website and share one Onxshop installation. Features of ...
  9. Enlight
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    Enlight is an open source PHP e-commerce framework for developing online stores. It is based both on Zend and Symphony 2. Enlight was derived from the Shopware project. Features of Enlight:- Zend framework compatible- Symphony compatible- Documentation- Simple plugin system- High adaptability- Integrated standard backend based on ExtJS 4 Requirements:- PHP 5.2.11 or Higher- PHP MB string extension for UTF-8 ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    Welcome to 8TEM.COM. Here, you can find variety of free web template collection whether it is html template, php templates or theme templates, such as xoops. Our collection is growing daily so be sure to check back often for more Free Templates.If you can't find a free template that suits your needs, you can always check our shop at 8TEM'S ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    Goal of GiftOrder is to develop a shopping catalog for SMC resellers. The project will be done using PHP & mySQL technologies.
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