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  1. Nfg
    1762 total visits
    Nfg, a simplistic web project to enable a user to view and manage files, email, contacts and other information in as many locations as possible.
  2. No Screenshot
    2168 total visits
    Phpman, PHP/MySQL based system to publish your manuals and documentations. It supports multiple languages, web HTML editor (spaw) and real time PDF generation.
  3. No Screenshot
    1815 total visits
    Wifimap is a browser driven utility to graphically document the organisation and growth of a wireless network community. It supports multiple scrollable and zoomable maps and the ability to add, edit and delete nodes. i18n support is also included.
  4. Web Document Management
    1997 total visits
    Web Document Management provides private file sharing for users and groups of users; it has an integrated admin system to manage users, groups, files and rules for sharing.Features of Web Document Management:- Unlimited authenticated Users- Unlimited groups- Unlimited Files- Multiple Association between Users and group- Multiple Association between groups and files- Files stored outside public accessible directory- Full Web Based ...
  5. No Screenshot
    1774 total visits
    ArcaneBase is a php based Knowledgebase system used for publishing documents for intranet, extranet, and internet applications. ArcaneBase is built focusing on quickness and relevance of search results.
  6. PHP Web FileManager - Similiar to Yahoo!
    1918 total visits
    phpWebFileManager - Similiar to the Yahoo! FileManager (usedto manage files on their web hosting services).
  7. No Screenshot
    1980 total visits
    WebSight Directory System is a PHP/MySQL link directory system. It can be used to keep track of your favorite links, or to offer a link-portal to the outside world.
  8. No Screenshot
    1235 total visits
    JaPHPaDoc: Just another PHP Documentor. Documentation generator for PHP functions and/or classes. The project is inspired by javadoc.
  9. RAHoo
    2088 total visits
    RAHoo is a PHP-based, self-documenting, easy to install, fully customizaable web application written in PHP using MySQL and a suitable web server. Use it to keep a directory structure of links similar to Yahoo or the Google search directories but focuse on your favorites
  10. No Screenshot
    2928 total visits
    PhpScribe is a documentation generator written in PHP with mySQL support to parse the code files of a project or system to generate HTML-based documentation files. Documentation's language and skin can be configured by the user.
  11. No Screenshot
    1802 total visits
    PhpMyContent is a web based authoring tool, with which you can manage multiple projects. Your're free to define document structures, templates and publishing rules.Pre- and post "publishing conditions" execute shell scripts before and after publishing.
  12. No Screenshot
    2024 total visits
    UeberProject Management System, Project document and management tracking system written in PHP using PostgreSQL to store user, project and document related data and MySQL to store the documents, with revision control.
  13. txt.page
    225 total visits
    txt․page is a quick and secure way of serving up template-based documents — especially manuals and other documentation — in as small a format as possible. txt․page takes your content, which is in simple ․txt files, and sandwiches it between your header and footer templates. As a result, changing your templates will change the look of every page at once, ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1753 total visits
    PHP Fan Fiction is a flat-file PHP archiving software, designed to provide a database backend for small to medium sized story archiving sites. It consists of only 2 files and 1 folder and will easily intergrate into existing websites.All you need is a webhost that supports PHP (Most hosts do) and FTP access to your site. There are no special ...
  15. KnowledgeTree
    2815 total visits
    KnowledgeTree to share Documents with coworkers and control document processess without the complexity. Features of KnowledgeTree:- File Sharing and Collaboration: Eliminate wasted time searching for the latest version of a document in shared drives and on your local hard drive – KnowledgeTree keeps all your content in one secure location. Stop clogging up email - collaborate with coworkers on a ...
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