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  1. @1 File Store
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    @1 File Store is a file archive plus membership access system written using PHP + MySQL. The Master Administrator may create multiple folders containing subfolders. Files can be uploaded to these folders. Users who wish to download the files need to register themselves as members (and get approved by the Administrator). Members can be assigned to different groups with each ...
  2. PHP Doc System
    934 total visits
    PHP Doc System is a modular PHP document creating system. Instead of having to copy/paste information you'd want to have in 2 or more places, You can create modules for documentation elements (installation steps, buttons, screens, etc.) and then refer to them. Here's an example, if you have an application that has buttons on a toolbar which appears on several ...
  3. Simple Document Management System
    2618 total visits
    SDMS- Simple Document Management System uses PHP to provide you with a pretty interface to a MySQL server that allows you to store and retrieve documents and to share those doucments between users. In addition, the system uses ACL (Access Control Lists) to grant access rights to documents on a per-user basis. It allows you to distribute project documentation on ...
  4. eXtplorer
    919 total visits
    eXtplorer is a JavaScript and PHP-based File Management system, it is also a web-based one. With eXtplorer, you can login to the FTP server and work as if you were using an FTP client.Features of eXtplorer:- Copy & Move Files and Directories by Drag&Drop- Dynamic Directory Tree with on-demand loading of subdirectories- Edit Files (with Syntax-Highlighting thanks to EditArea)- Rename, ...
  5. eZimDMS
    5932 total visits
    eZimDMS is a full-featured web-based PHP Document Management System (DMS). You can store any type of file in eZimDMS, and the most common types of files have the ability to be indexed, and therefore become searchable. PDFs, Images, Word & Excel Documents, Openoffice Documents, Web, and XML Documents may all be indexed by eZimDMS. This allows for easy file retrieval ...
  6. DocumentManager
    4392 total visits
    The Document Manager is a web application that allows anybody to share and manage documents online, with an easy and configurable web interface. The document manager administrator can create user accounts and give them rights on the documents. This project is already used by some ISP and hosting providers for their clients.This software has been developped by Benjamin Sonntag, Chantal ...
  7. Owl Intranet Engine
    5354 total visits
    Owl Intranet Engine is a multi user document repository (knowledge base) system written in PHP for publishing files/documents onto the web for a corporation, small business, group of people, or just for yourself. Features of Owl Intranet Engine:- Multi-user environment Folder and file permissions.- Group permissions. Anonymous access.- Self register capabilities, Capcha Support password size policy enforcement- Upload Progress Bar ...
  8. Epiware Document Management
    4799 total visits
    Epiware is an open source document management software (DMS ) that includes all the tools an organization needs to safely capture, manage, store, and share documents over the Internet. It is web based system written in PHP and uses MYSQL as the backend.
  9. PHP Navigator
    2270 total visits
    PHP Navigator is an Explorer style web based AJAX file manager. Easy to install and configure. Now with multi user support! WYSIWYG Editor, Code editor with syntax highlighter, Thumbnail view, Zip handling etc... Now upload, manage and edit your files.
  10. No Screenshot
    2131 total visits
    PHP-OS is a "Operating System" which use PHP and Javascript to work. You can use it to manage files on a web space. PHP-OS ist ein "Betriebssystem " das auf PHP und Javascript Basis programmiert ist. Man kann es verwenden um die Dateien auf einem Webspace zu verwalten.
  11. No Screenshot
    2031 total visits
    This new version of BSW Uploads and Downloads manager has more facility than the erlier version. It has sitemap.xml and has a nice view.Download Manager is more secure and can download any size of files according to your server setting.
  12. OpenDocMan
    3673 total visits
    OpenDocMan is a web based document management system (DMS) written in PHP designed to comply with ISO 17025 and OIE standard for document management. It features fine grained control of access to files, and automated install and upgrades.
  13. Yup! - Yii based filehoster
    3170 total visits
    Yup! is a filehoster which is based on the Yii-Framework.
  14. DocMgr
    4294 total visits
    DocMgr is a PHP/Postgresql based document management system (DMS) with pdf and ocr-based indexing, and optional tsearch2 support.The project also has access control lists, user permissions assignment, file discussion board, and multi-level file grouping. It uses tsearch2 for full-text indexing which provides for faster search results and result ranking. DocMGR supports LDAP authentication, the ability to easily add and remove ...
  15. CubeHenge
    3431 total visits
    Modified AMFPHP with advanced authentication, file management, view templating, automated ORM MySQL interface while maintaining a fast and easy "drag and drop to FTP" installation. FileAssets provides you with everything you need to interact with the files on your server directly from your application. One of the most powerful aspects of FileAssets is it's ability to completely by-pass low post_max_size ...
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