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  1. ORM Designer
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    ORM Designer is a visual definitions editor supporting favorite ORM frameworks (Doctrine ORM, Doctrine2 ORM, Propel ORM and CakePHP). The application brings an innovative approach to ORM Definitions work flow and it significantly boosts developers' efficiency.ORM Designer replaces kilobytes of text definitions written by hand with repetitive definition files export right from a graphical model. It also allows to import ...
  2. Doctrine DBAL
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    Doctrine DBAL is a database abstraction layer developed by the Doctrine project. DBAL comes with many features for PDO abstraction, database schema introspection and schema managementLimitation:- Still in beta conditionWhat's New in This Version:- DBAL Schema supported was heavily refactored to include the concept of "namespaces". This abstracts multi-database useage for MySQL and Schema support for PostgreSQL.
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