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    A Moderated Web Discussion, Now you can have more controll over the content of your live discussions, and keep the guest and site visitors happy! It allows you to filter or/and edit questions, before your guest sees them. Can be used with any browser, request.
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    Audit questions and answers question. Change the Group format. Show the topic or topic and image Block member and Block Ads 100% Style Sheet URL Mod Rewrite Video Streaming and Mp3 Player. An easy discussion board. Enjoy it.
  3. Thwboard
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    Thwboard is a PHP/MySQL-based board that runs very stable extremly fast even on large sites like www.thewall.de/forum/. Features of Thwboard: - MySQL Support, - usergroups, - private messaging, - news backend with comment function, - avatars, - statistics, - multilingual installer, - highly customizable with themes and hacks.
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