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    BBCode Class allows you to define BBCode tags, and then parse text with them.
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    BBcode TS can be used as a template engine to process text with BBcode tags, similar to those used by PHPBB, and generate HTML output.BBcode TS supports the BBcode tags n1, n2, n3, b, u, i, color, font, size, right, left, center, img, url, email, list, and also the tags definicja for definition, uwaga for notes, notatka for footnotes and ...
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    phpBB login classes is meant to provide user authentication to sites that have already installed the phpBB forum application database.This class avoids the need to create or install another authentication system if you already have installed or plan to install phpBB.For now, phpBB login classes supports only user authetication but not to add, update or delete user records. These features ...
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    PuszForum is a simple forum based on PuszBaza 1.2.2. You don't need anything else to use it (Only PHP4). Example of this forum you can find at http://puszkin.valkiria.net/forum/tematy.php?idkat=3&jezyk=ang.
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