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  1. Simpledoc
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    SimpleDoc is a Web-based document management system. The interface is simple and intuitive, there is a tree structure for management and content editing is done without needing to reload the browser. No database is required.Features of Simpledoc:- By using javascript extensively the interface is simple and intuitive, management is done easier and faster.- Tree structure management and content editing is ...
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    php-AD-admin will allow users to update their own AD attributes ( phonenumber etc ) and reset their own passwords. This will improve the quality of the data in your Active Directory by forms validation to create new users/groups etc.Minimum Requirements:- IIS: With AD integrated authentication configured- PHP5.0 or Higher: With the php_ldap module enabled in your php.ini
  3. phpelf
    2003 total visits
    phpelf, lite Web-based file management system that doesnt require any database setup. Used primarily as an FTP replacement. Also supports directory confinement which blocks users from traversing out of a folder. Intuitive to setup and use.
  4. Wexplorer
    1908 total visits
    Wexplorer is a web based file manager written in PHP and Java Script. It supports flexible mapping of file systems, URL rewriting, tree directory view. Based on AJAX technology it scales well up to thousands of directories and millions of files.
  5. PDFdirectory
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    PDFdirectory, creation of a printable directory in pdf format. It is a free PHP PDF project. This application is designed to save time and frustration in the process of creating a printable directory for your organization. Much of the difficulty is in the exchange of information from group members to whomever is assigned the task of creating the directory. This ...
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    psDarBackup provides an user interface for the backup program DAR. Main Features of psDarBackup:- backup of multiple directories/files, - resumeable backups and the recovery of backups. You can create incremental or full backups.
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    WebFTP is ftp application for the web, allowing users to connect to a remote host and upload, delete, edit, and create files. WebFTP has a simple directory browser that allows users to view detailed file information. It is built on the PHP language.
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    WebSight Directory System is a PHP/MySQL link directory system. It can be used to keep track of your favorite links, or to offer a link-portal to the outside world.
  9. RAHoo
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    RAHoo is a PHP-based, self-documenting, easy to install, fully customizaable web application written in PHP using MySQL and a suitable web server. Use it to keep a directory structure of links similar to Yahoo or the Google search directories but focuse on your favorites
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    Simple Directory Listing is a php application that provides a web-based graphical interface similar to apache directory listing.Functions of Simple Directory Listing: copy, move, delete, rename files, etc..
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    Active Directory Phonebook is a great intranet add-on. Use this script to search Active Directory for users, locations, phone numbers. Much easier than having to maintain two databases for phone numbers. Quick and easy to install, just enter your company's info, account info and upload.
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    VIRTUAL.ID is an infrastructure for the management of virtual identity. It puts in contribution services developed around a core virtual directory available in Open Source Penrose and a whole of directories of storage LDAP. (By Marouen & Khadija)
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