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    Simple SQLite Manager is web frontend for managing SQLite databases. Requirements:PHP 5.0.0
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    PhpCodeGenie is a code writer/generator for PHP/MySQL applications. It builds numerous forms and scripts, from your databsae tables.Just design your database and let phpCodeGenie do the coding for you.
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    TxtSQL, Framework that uses a subset of SQL and provides php developers an alternative solution to tables and databases, particularly those who do not have a database service (like mySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, ORACLE...).Comes packaged with an txtSQLAdmin.
  4. Basebuilder
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    BaseBuilder is a database framework, like Microsoft Access or Filemaker, designed to help you build custom, web-based databases.
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    Nailer is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the management contents of MySQL.
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    DbPerceptor generates html forms for editing MySQL databases. Based on configuration files you define, it automates the process of creating list, add, edit, and delete interfaces. Over 25 configuration options are available.
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    WPH is a database-centric development system for the rapid deployment of an intranet/extranet WEB site.
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    NaWui stands for Nagios Administration Web User Interface. It is a Web frontend written in PHP to manage Nagios configurations and Database records. Database connectivity is supported using plugins, which simplifies the way records are stored.
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    This database class PHP anyDB provides easy and simple interface to access the most important db function in PHP. It provides implementations for MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, SQLTE, ODBC and has wrapper classes ADODB, METABASE, PEAR and PHPLIB.
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    Common Objects for WebLibraries in php to manage databases, links, images, articles, cache and much more.
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    phpIntranet is a PHP/SQL intranet application including staff database, modular calendars, a tournament engine, SpamAssassin configuration integration, birthdays, image storing, etc. Now there is also an Inventory and Shopping Cart system!
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    PhpMyDVDs is an application composed by a MySQL database and a PHP4 interface, witch provides you a usefull and powerfull DVD management.
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    Athena is a light-weight PHP & MySQL note keeper for teachers and students to keep track of their research projects. It allows to add notes and resource references, and work on multiple projects at once. It's purpose is to keep related data grouped.
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    StudentLog is a weblog that does not need any database servers to run. Instead, It performs the weblog functions by using dbm-style database. This makes it ideal for users who do not have access to database servers, but want to have a personal weblog.
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    MyScrapbook is an unique graphical Internet content management tool That looks and acts just like a book. The PHP program can run using a text database OR Mysql. Webmasters can set permissions to allow visitors to submit pages.
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