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    Php4dvd is a small yet powerful, php/mysql powered movie data base. You are able to search for all your favorite movies here.
  2. VideoDB
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    VideoDB is a database to manage your personal video collection. Multiple video types are supported, ranging from VHS tapes and DVDs to Blu-ray discs and DivX files on hard-disc. Even video games are supported. It is an Open Source PHP multimedia software.VideoDB allows you to effortlessly maintain and manage your collection by features fetching of movie data and covers from ...
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    Website SuperSearch allows users to search your database-driven (MySQL) website. The project includes boolean search, and regular expression search, which is a free PHP search engine system. Search functionality derived from Bible SuperSearch.
  4. AJAX-FilmDB
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    AJAX-FilmDB is a comfortably PHP/MySQL/AJAX film database. It looks and feels like a Mac OS-X application. Supports database backup and restore. Includes a fully automated graphical installation.
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    Envoice is a bit web-based and has a database where the data is stored.The programs most used option is the hours registration and the billing support to make bills for costumers. There are also options like storing costumers address data.
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    Osads is a free OpenSource Alliance-Database for the german MMOG Space-Pioneers. You can administrate the members, cloak-and-dagger reports, expanses of ruins and so on. You can also define your own stylesheets and individual rights for each member.
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    GeoGPS is a web application for sharing GPS routes publicly via a web interface. By a public form, any user can submit a track file (in any supported GPS file format), and it will automaticly belong to the application database, being shown to everyone.
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    Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool keeps track of a very large number of variables in the growth of plants their environment and experiments performed Producing custom reports and displaying images.UPDATE:XGBDMT IS NOW PLATFORM INDEPENDANT.
  9. Online TV Database
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    Online TV Database is a web/XML interface and database schema for managing TV series information and user-submitted graphics. It will be interfaced by a number of HTPC plugins and software. Currently used by plugins for Meedio, Media Portal, and XBox Media Center.
  10. Lip-DB
    1849 total visits
    Lip-DB is a lightweight web-based database front-end. The project aims to create an easy to use alternative for anyone with limited technical expertise, but who are struggling to manage their affairs using an Excel spreadsheet.
  11. PublicPIM Website Database Application
    1946 total visits
    PublicPIM Website Database Application has 3 Part Process instructions to automatically provide our Database application created with Javeline Framework over an open MySQL db to your website.
  12. Open Media Collectors Database
    3430 total visits
    The Open Media Collectors Database is a PHP and MySQL based inventory application that allows you to easily catalog and lend media-related items, including DVD, VCD, CD, VHS, games, books, and laser discs. Open Media Collectors Database is a professional PHP multimedia project.Features of Open Media Collectors Database:- Custom Item Type definitions- Comprehensive reservations and borrowing email based workflows, including ...
  13. FBGrid
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    FBGrid is PHP class that allows modifications, insertions, deletions and display rows in a table implemented width Interbase / Firebird Database.
  14. Y.O.D.A. - Yaro's Oracle Data Admin
    1880 total visits
    Y.O.D.A. is web-based tool for developers and administrators to access into Oracle.Y.O.D.A. - Yaro's Oracle Data Admin is written in PHP to allow view,manage and export Oracle objects (tables, view,index,package, procedure, trigger..) over WWW (like phpMyAdmin, phpOraAdmin or funkctions like TOAD).
  15. AdminMySybase
    2237 total visits
    AdminMySybase is a tool written in PHP for the administration of SyBase over the Web. Create/Browse/Edit/Remove databases, tables, rows in sybase all through PHP.
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