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    PHPPDO is a database abstraction layer over the current PHP database functions, the project is designed to offer a migration path for new applications to the PDO classes presented in PHP 5.1.
  2. Gladius DB
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    Gladius DB is recognized as the most efficient flatfile database engine written in pure PHP. The project is compatible with a subset of intermediate SQL92 and does not need any additional library! It perfectly understands SQL (also MySQL variant) and is also supported through ADOdb Lite.
  3. DaDaBIK Community Versions
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    DaDaBIK Community Versions is a collaborative collection of DaDaBIK versions. It is implementations here are meant for learning PHP, MySQL, and of course DaDaBIK.
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    Internet Media Manager is a web-based database application that allows webmasters to centrally store their images and videos to be served on their website(s). It allows user to simply copy and paste code snippets to embed images and videos into their web pages.
  5. WillCool
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    WillCool is an Oracle Database Monitoring System. Ajax-based GUI providing realtime status of multiple database installations in a single webpage.
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    MySHI (My Self Health Information) is a database for tracking personal health information. The current focus is on nutritional information but other important data items will follow. Documentation is available under "Hosted Apps"/"MediaWiki".
  7. VNCTracker
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    Database storage of IP Addresses for on-the-fly creation of .vnc connection files. IP's are learned either via a PHP POST form or tac/grepped from an email log. Currently uses Apache, PHP4, MySQL, gnu-pop3d/courier-imap, tac, grep, gawk, sed, bash.
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    KTP Computer Customer Database - CCD is a PHP-MySQL based solution for people who repair computers on the side with the ability to maintain multiple tech accounts.
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    The Generic Genetic Studies Database (GGSD) is a web-based, relational database driven data management software package for the management of large scale genetic studies.
  10. Extract
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    Extract is an Web Information Management System which allows users to store and search many kind of structured data in a database (database records, Samba directories and files) classified in categories like in file system browsers.
  11. WEASEL
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    WEASEL, this project is an attempt to redesign the snort database schema and to provide a new analysis frontend and associated tools.
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    PhpPgView is a PHP search engine tool that allows to explore the structure of a postgreSQL DB, browse tables and execute saved queries. Easy sorting, searching, and export.It is possible to hidden any schema, table or column.This tool makes easier the monitoring of web/database applications for developers.Features of PhpPgView:-Insert spacers IMG before each underscore both allow to keep the name ...
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    The project AJAX MySQL Admin aims to create a web based database administration tool, with expansion into automatic code generation from the database schema.The code allows creation and removal of databases, tables and fields via a web browser.
  14. Monolith - MySQL DBA Console
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    Monolith MySQL DBA Console schedules & automates backups for MySQL databases. It monitors an unlimited number of servers for performance trending and tuning recommendations. Many history graphs are utilized for trending purposes.
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    The Open Source Electronic Medical Record project will help medical professionals develop high quality, efficient and visually tastful documentation forms to make the task of documentation easy, fun and MOST IMPORTANT-->FAST.
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