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  1. Cross Database Engine for PHP
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    CDE is a php class which implements the general database functions in PHP and provides a common sql platform for php development where developers change their databases but not their code. Supports Firebird, Mysql, Oracle, SQLite, Dbase, MSSQL.Aims of Cross Database Engine for PHP:- Write code in PHP once for any database platform- Support all PHP database connectivity- One set ...
  2. KORA
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    KORA is a database driven, online digital repository that allows institutions to ingest, manage, and deliver digital objects and their corresponding metadata.
  3. Music and Discography Database
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    Music and Discography Database, web based music and discography library with some extra functions, eg. least distance finding beetween artists and albums.Features of Music and Discography Database:- clear web interface for large music collection- find nearest neighbours of albums- fill database from flac tags
  4. No Screenshot
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    LinkDB is a Link DataDase. This means that LinkDB is a centralised system to manage links, log who, how and when was a link accessed and finally serve links to resources that change a lot or that are quite long to remember.
  5. MiniManager for Project MANGOS
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    MiniManager for Project MaNGOS Server is a PHP web front end to provide easy access to Mangos server management side. Manage/add/remove/edit/lock/ban/ect. User accounts/characters, manage DB and server itself.
  6. GPDE
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    The GPDE is a biological protein database based on the PRIDE xml format. It combines proteomics experiments based on the investigated cell type and creates a biological meta-analysis.Features of GPDE:- Biological proteomics database- Biological based meta-analysis of proteomics experiments- Easy biomarker evaluation- Fast proteomics experiments interpretation
  7. OpenREST
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    OpenREST is a RESTful web service to access the data in your DB or file using HTTP protocol. It contains also a jqGrid implementation for data presentation.
  8. Katropine DBmanager
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    DBmanager is a PHP based software, developed for quick MySql database dump and manipulation by SQL. v1.5 compatibile with PHP 5.3.
  9. No Screenshot
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    POP is - Persistent Objects for PHP - is a library intended to make simple ORM for the main databases existent in the market - PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL. Complete OO and making use of PDO, it also secures your project against SQL Injection.
  10. MyWebSql
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    MyWebSql is a web-based MySQL client which is written in PHP. The client is a simple GUI, adequate for developers that want to execute queries in their database. Because it is web-based, it is perfect for replacing desktop MySQL client applications. Features of MyWebSql:- Fast and intuitive- Developer friendly user interface- Compatible with all major web browsers- WYSIWYG editing- Edit ...
  11. MySQLDumper
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    MySQLDumper is a web based backup/restore script for MySQL-DBs which by passes PHP-Timeouts and so can handle huge dbs. Additionally you can create, drop databases and tables or view, search, delete, edit or add fields in an easy to use SQLBrowser.
  12. WaypointHR
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    WaypointHR is an HR database for managing employee records and personnel information. MySQL is used for the database and PHP (4 or 5) is used for the web browser based interface. Ease of use and effective management reports are key design goals.
  13. Urd
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    Urd is a point and click web-based usenet binary download manager. It uses a database (e.g. mysql) to store all information. Articles are aggregated into sets and you can download a whole set at once. It also supports NZB files and RSS feeds.
  14. No Screenshot
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    Flexmonitor is a php mysql software to monitor flexlm license servers cross organizations. allow to have real time monitoring plus graph on license usage.
  15. My SQL Data Browser
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    MSDB is short for My SQL Data Browser. It is a Friendly Database Browsing WEB Front End for MySQL written in php with Smarty and JavaScript/CSS. From the Summary menu above, pick "Web Site" to see a live demonstration.
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