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  1. ActiveRecord
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    This is an Open Source PHP ORM library based on the ActiveRecord pattern. The libray was inspired by Ruby on Rails' implementation.Features of ActiveRecord:- Finder methods- Dynamic finder methods- Writer methods- Relationships- Validations- Callbacks- Serializations (JSON/XML)- Transactions- Support for multiple adapters- Miscellaneous options such as: aliased/protected/accessible attributesSupported Databases:- MySQL- SQLite- PostgreSQL- OracleRequirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- PDO driver for your ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    This is a web application for database mangement to manage a variety of data sources including MySQL, MSSSQL, Oracle, and others. MonoQL's main objective is to provide a faster, lighter version of all of phpMyAdmin's features. Its interface is powered by Ext JS.Features of MonoQL:- Database & table design- Data browsing & editing- Advanced querying- MySQL 4+, MySQL 5+ and ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    SQLite PHP Admin is a web based interface to administering SQLite3 or SQLite2 database. It allows you to manage your SQLite databases version 2 or 3 which your current configuration of PHP supports.
  4. No Screenshot
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    PHP CMS Generator is an utility to creat content management scripts to manage database content. It includes many useful features and a long TODO list of more useful features. Database Tools. PHP CMS Generator don't have any system requirements and supports PHP language.
  5. Nibbleblog
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    Nibbleblog is a powerful engine for creation and manipulation of BLOG's completely free. It is an Open Source PHP Blog project. Very simple to install and comfigure(Only one step). The database used is based on XML files and this way it is not necessary to use MySQL or similar DBMS. Features of Nibbleblog:- Easy to use and install- Video post ...
  6. Coolibree CMS
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    CoolibreeCMS is a minimal CMS platform for creating small blogs or websites. It although doesn't use a database to store data keeps all informations into a flat file. An API for building a customized template are available for usersda to adapt their website. Coolibree CMS is a free light and usefull blog rendering engine and completely written in OOP PHP.Features ...
  7. Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer
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    Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer, abstraction layer and access library for relational databases. A thin layer on top of PDO with a lot of additional, horizontal functionality. It is a powerful PHP database abstraction layer with many features for database schema introspection, schema management and PDO abstraction.
  8. ADOdb Database Library for PHP
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    ADOdb Database Library for PHP is a PHP4 and PHP5 database abstraction library. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase/Firebird, Oracle (Oci8), MS SQL 7, ADO, Foxpro, Access, Sybase, Sybase SQL Anywhere, DB2, Informix, Frontbase, SQLite, LDAP, Netezza, SAPDB, generic ODBC/ODBTP, PDO etc. It is an OpenSouce PHP database project. ADOdb provides code to handle inserts and updates that can be adapted to ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    BlueBoy What's New is a simple database front/backend for your web site. It features displaying news items with a date, subject, who posted it, text of news, and a link for email or web page easily, and an admin page is included to make adding news items.The author writes: "to make a contribution to the php community and to help ...
  10. CIMyAdmin
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    CIMyAdmin is a cleaner, faster, better, stronger MySQL Administration tool. CIMyAdmin is a professional PHP database project, which is built on the light-weight CodeIgniter Framework. It is designed with simplicity, elegance, and power in mind. It isn't tied to stigmas of the past, and in looking to the future, supports the latest and greatest of technologies.Features of CIMyAdmin:- Lightweight / ...
  11. Outlet
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    Outlet is an OpenSource PHP database project, which is object-to-relational mapping tool for PHP. To provide transparent, unobtrusive persistence differs Outlet from other ORM solutions. It does not require your entity objects to implement any interfaces or extend some sort of base class. It is also very lightweight, only a handful of classes and tools.What's New in Version 1.0 Outlet:- ...
  12. DBKiss
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    DBKiss is a one-file PHP database browser that is easy to upload and use. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL and features import/export of data, searching of the whole database or single tables, an advanced SQL editor, saving of templates, multi-query execution with pagination, and more. Features of DBKiss:- That importing data from sql files is about x10 times faster than ...
  13. Ajaxed MySQL Table Editor
    1866 total visits
    Mysql Ajax Table Editor is a very versatile and customizable mysql editor. It is PHP4 and PHP5 compatible and it has incredible join capabilities. Mysql Ajax Table Editor is an OpenSource PHP database project. This mysql editor has the ability to join on multiple tables and maintain search functionality and best of all it is written with ajax. This makes ...
  14. smartMySQLAdmin
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    smartMySQLAdmin is a free, fully AJAX based MySQL management tool written in PHP and JavaScript based on JSON data-format. smartMySQLAdmin is a free and poweful PHP database software. In order to provide interactive user interface I have used jQuery and jQuery UI libraries. You can use smartMySQLAdmin for basic CRUD operations.Features of smartMySQLAdmin:- User Friendly- Fast, uses AJAX (JSON) for ...
  15. AeroSQL
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    AeroSQL is an open source (GPLv3) web based tool for managing MySql servers written in PHP. AeroSQL is a professional PHP database project. The key feature of the product is an intuitive management of the database content. The result of SELECTs is displayed in a grid as in traditional desktop applications. The grid is editable: you can update cells and ...
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