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    Megawatt is a tool written in php on mysql db, able to create in a matter of minutes, php administration area. It produces a directory with all the files (sql, globals etc ) needed to make admin work.It produces form, db structure, make thumbs, create array (input type select), javascript control and so on. The admin area created is 'one ...
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    Name is identity, Process XML content. Web XML Processor is web application in PHP/MySQL.mejore part where xml is part of service/application.convert data from db to xml and visevarsaso easy to insert data into db directly from xmlarray format data to xml form.
  3. php4flicks movie database
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    php4flicks movie database - powerful PHP/MySQL movie database.
  4. PHP Paper and Proceedings Database
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    PHP Paper and Proceedings Database, a php/mysql application that implements a conference proceedings and papers database and the tools to view and update it. Papers can be linked to more than one proceeding and can have multiple file attachments. Papers can be exported to BibTex or Refer.
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    PAS SiteManager is a web based interface to manage web sites. It simplify the setup of php web sites with applications.Features of PAS SiteManager: - web site managements, - Database Setup, - FTP synchronization, - Application Package management.
  6. Eubirdb - birdwatching DB and software
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    Eubirdb is a bird(watchers) DB for name translation (scientific,it,en,fr,de,sp,nl) and retrieval, wants to be a base for birdwatchers (and ornithologists) software & data (checklist,img,...). Currently for EU(ring) aims to worldwideness.
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    PHP DB Form Creator, PHP scripts to help manage a html form to admin data in MySQL.With only some lines of PHP code you get a html form. Features: easy management, customizations, drop down lists easy, and others.
  8. The cool MP3 database of the future
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    The purpose of this project The cool MP3 database of the future is to build a searchable database out of a directory structure of ini files (for album info), id3v1 and v2 tags from MP3s using PHP, MySQL and Apache.
  9. Elvizz Movie Database
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    Elvizz Movie Database is a comfortable and secure list for all your DVD, DivX and (S)VCD movies, which also gives you nice statistics. It uses PHP and MySQL to store its data.
  10. The Referral Database
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    The Referral Database connects people to community resources and human service organizations by providing an intuitive user interface and database to store and access information about agencies. It is free, web based, and written in PHP & MySQL.
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    From an xml-defined data-schema, a db schema and a php object model is generated with getters/setters, db persistence, html form templates and html post/data reception.
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    Private Movie Database, a movie database system allows users to share the information about their digital movie collections.
  13. Nex Projects
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    The nex Projects includes the nexportal, nexboard and some other nice and useful projects for webmaster.
  14. StatsAholic
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    Statsaholic is a set of scripts that generate web based statistics for many different distributed computing efforts. Created using PHP 4. Presently only works with a MySQL database.
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    JgLib is a collection of objects and scripts that includes tables, input objects, templates, and nearly all html tags, menu bars, side menus and progress bars.
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