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    The HTMLresourceKit is a library of widgets written in PHP wich make building LAMP web-applications much easier. There is a simple table widget to browse through the data, a form widget with autovalidation and also a treemenu widget.
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    MyDB is a collection of classes (MyDataLib) and applications (MyData, WebIDE) that help built web applications 4 to 10 times faster. The main idea is very simple : Insert simple Objects in the web pages to manage and display the datas.
  3. Uhura - Web Database Console
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    Work with: MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL. Use PHP, and ExtJS. Browse in Tree: db, table, column, constraint, trigger, view, proc. It has history, and fragments panel. Editor has autocomplete, autoindent. Easy install, unpack in webroot and edit "set.php". Uhura is an OpenSource PHP database project.Please add the admin user/password in set.php (default:uhura/masterkey), if you create a cookie with admin user/password in ...
  4. SQLite3 PDO Driver for CodeIdniter
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    SQLite3 PDO Driver for codeigniter will help you connect to SQLite3 database in codeigniter.Installation:- Create a directory / pdo in the directory / database / drivers, and copy there php-files from the archive.- Create SQLite3 database and place it in a convenient directory. For example, I use the directory [APPPATH] / db, file call base.db (ie, the path to the ...
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    Position's Records can be used to manage the positions of the records of MySQL database table that defines a tree hierarchy. It can manage tables with a parent and position fields.Position's Records can set the parent of a given record and assign a number that determines the position of a record according to any sorting rules. It can also retrieve ...
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    SRSW4IT is about developing stocktaking and reconciliation software for IT. If you want to keep some IT property database or inventory, you might need this system.
  7. phpMyRecipes
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    phpMyRecipes is a simple Web-based application for storing and retrieving recipes, using PHP for the interface and MySQL for the back-end database. Security and search functions are built-in.
  8. Key-med
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    Key-med est une application de gestion des patients pour un cabinet médical généraliste.Cet outil, développé avec des technologies web standard, est très simple d'utilisation, contrairement aux logiciels du marché qui sont devenus très complexes.
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    Web Interface to Octave allows to run GNU Octave commands from a web browser. Application is written in PHP and needs SQL database. It supports user profiles, user-created functions, scripts.
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    SimpleSPML is a PHP library for creating and consuming SPML messages.
  11. ParaDB -- Paranormal Reporting Database
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    ParaDB is a web-based (PHP/MySQL) application designed for use by ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. The software consists of a web-based interface for case management, client relations and investigative reporting.
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    TelDaBase ist ein php/mySQL-Skript zur Aufteilung und Auswertung der Telefonrechnung (Rechnung Online der Deutschen Telekom AG) eines gemeinschaftlichen Telefons (z.B. WG,Studentenwohnheim); asterisk cdr-Datenstze werden optional automatisch ausgewerte.
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    PRIFF, actually an object oriented, PHP and MySQL driven event-calendar, allowing visitors to submit events into an editing cue, review, edit and control by an administrator. The output is in XHTML and RSS which can easily be integrated in any existing site.
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    Open Source Quotes DataBase: This is a site written in PHP/MySQL.
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    wawp, set of tools for web authentication and authorization. Wawp use php and mysql for login (also over SSL), logout and restrict web access to authorized users and/or groups.The restrictions can be organized per-directory, per-file or both.
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