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  1. DocBookWiki
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    DocBookWiki can display DocBook documents online. Different from the other applications, which convert a DocBook document into HTML first, in order to display it online, DocBookWiki converts it on the fly, so that the format for saving the document will still be XML (DocBook). In order to do this efficiently, DocBookWiki splits it first into chunks, according to chapters, sections ...
  2. deltasql
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    deltasql is an Open Source PHP database tool to keep track of your database schemas. It is like cvs, but for databases. It allows a team to commonly develop a data model on the fly, while the source code is growing.Branches for production schemas / mySQL, postgreSQL and Oracle supported.Features of deltasql:- Deltasql server manages SQL scripts which alter database ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    PHP CVS Repository Viewer will provide a PHP class to communicate with a CVS repository via both direct connection to a local filesystem and pserver access to the repository, with the possibility of enabling (in a future version) connectivity using the :ext: method.
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    GWAAU is a Webbased groupware written in php, mysql. Supports log, events, project management, calendar, todolist, contact management, cvs (file management). Next version includes a rss feed.
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    CVS Web Client is full cvs web based clientusing original cvs backend ofcourse:) this cvs web client is designed to be easy to use, and powerful cvs client.
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    Nuke Modules CVS is the central CVS repository for Postnuke modules. Everyone is welcome to develop their modules in this CVS.
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