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    500 total visits
    Ace Operator is a free open-source web-based customer contact solution. It is an inexpensive way for your online customers to communicate live with your company representatives (operators) who can provide real-time customer service, sales support, product information and support, company information or training. Online customers can access operator services by simply clicking a button on any of your web pages. ...
  2. MythPHP
    1020 total visits
    MythPHP is a php-based scriptic free customer follow-up, which is operating system independent. Features of MythPHP:- Customer Operations: Management panel, such as the customer you want to add, edit or delete them. If your customers can register themselves. Customers, customers can not see the note you entered when adding the Notes section, shall remain confidential.- Support Desk: Your customers may ...
  3. DoChatter
    397 total visits
    DoChatter live support software empowers you to track and chat with your guests as they browse your website in realtime:- Advanced support for multiple operators means that you always know which operator answered a chat request and who else contributed to the discussion.- Advanced support for multiple departments lets you split your website into sections and then assign operators to ...
  4. WP Customer Reviews-WordPress Plugin
    526 total visits
    This is a reviews and testimonial manager for WordPress. WP Customer Reviews allows your customers and visitors to leave reviews or testimonials about the website's presented services. Reviews are Microformat enabled (hReview)Features of WP Customer Reviews:- All submissions are moderated, which means that the admin chooses which reviews get shown.- Reviews are displayed to visitors in a friendly format, but ...
  5. phpOnline
    3092 total visits
    phpOnline is a live PHP customer support system using PHP+MySQL+Flash to operate. Customers will wait for a representative to answer their questions, but after some while if no representative is online, customer will be able to send representatives an email. Features of phpOnline:- Ability to send you an email if you were offline.- You may change it to your own ...
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