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    If you maintain websites for your customers, you may have wanted to give them access to the statistics collected by Awstats. But until now, the only way to view these statistics was to give them full access to cPanel. AWStats Access provides secure access to AWStats without giving access to cPanel.
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    Features of PBL Guestbook:- Web-based administration control panel - Prevent double-posting or post-hammering! - Allow or disallow HTML - Enable a notification email to receive a notice when you get a new post- Allow visitors to rate your site- Emoticon support - Show or log the visitors IP - 5 customizable questions - Choose the number of posts per page ...
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    ISPConfig - ISP management and Hosting Control Panel. ISPConfig manages webserver, mailserver, BIND DNS, proftpd + vsftpd FTP server, mySQL databases, spamassassin and diskquotas with an easy to use webinterface for administrators, resellers and clients.
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    EHCP for Ubuntu is a hosting control panel, for multiple domains on single machine. easily installable,easy usage, non-complex,functional.
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    Opensips Control Panel, a Web Control Panel Application for the OpenSIPS, which is intended for both system and user provisioning.The project features more than 18 tools, covering important functionalities (MI,statistics) and modules (acc,siptrace,drouting,dialplan) of OpenSIPS.Opensips Control Panel currently features 3 classes for tools (Admin, Users, System):- Admin - Add and List/Edit admins- Users - Provision Users (add/edit/remove), Provision Aliases(add/edit/remove)- System ...
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    Mojopanel Hosting Panel is a free web-hosting control panel written in PHP. It is good for supplying basic free hosting to anyone.It includes a nice WISSYWIG editor for making clean pages. New features like a built in forum and live chat for support are soon to come.
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    JAP is a proxy that allows you to access CPANEL, WEBHOSTMANAGER and WEBMAIL through port 80. It is compatible with the latest version of CPANEL, WEBHOSTMANAGER and WEBMAIL and uses the CURL library to optimize performance.
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    BasHCP (Bas Hosting Control Panel) is a free open source cross platform (Windows/Apache, Windows/IIS, Debian) hosting control panel solution, written in PHP.CPanel is a leading provider of software for the webhosting industry. If you would like to learn more about cPanel please visit our website at www.cpanel.net. Please be advised that cPanel Inc. is not a web hosting company, and ...
  9. Admin Control Panel 2
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    Admin Control Panel 2 is a Admin Control Panel intern or extern for your Woltlab Burning Board. It has a lot of extra tools, cheats and admin managment. You can search multi's by IP and etc. This tool is every day under futher development.
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    phpSC, PHP based shoutcast control panel supporting HTTP Proxy, Multiple server configurations, and easy GUI modification of the shoutcast configuration file.
  11. phpServerAdmin
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    phpServerAdmin will be a web based control panel for administrators to administer services like PPTPD, BIND DNS and other services which will be added as more help is available to me. At the moment, only PPTPD is available.
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    web-cp is a web hosting control panel that has been built from the start for and by web hosting companies. It is written in PHP, licensed under the GPL and includes advanced features such as a built-in reseller system, users management, invoices, DB Manaweb-cp is a full-featured, open source web hosting control panel written in PHP and released under the ...
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    MUSPA um painel de controle para websites/hosts bem modularizado feito em PHP+mySQL usando o medonho suporte a OO do PHP, ele se integra silnciosamente a seu site usando Server Side Includes.What's New in This Release Version 1.0 MUSPA:- Atualizado o nome da versão =P.- Pequenos fixes em algumas queries da classe admin.- Fix no sistema de envio de imagens do ...
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    Hosting App is a tool designed to manage web hosting server. It allow to create Virtual Hosts, manage users accounts, DNS, mail accounts etc... It also provide a control panel for hosted sites.
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