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  1. Tentacle CMS
    400 total visits
    Tentacle CMS is an open source PHP content management system. It is a new tool for people interested in building their own websites, based on a fast, user friendly and performance-based core. Features of Tentacle CMS:- MVC-based core- Pages management- Blog- Categories- Graphic installer- Admin dashboard- WYSIWYG editing- Embed code snippets for extra features- Users management What's New in This ...
  2. cataBlog
    270 total visits
    cataBlog is a multi-user blogging system that allows entries to be catorogized for easy topical browsing. It runs on top of the Core Enterprise PHP Application Framework. cataBlog object oriented and able to be embedded into other applications.
  3. OpenPublic
    239 total visits
    OpenPublic is an open source content management system based on Drupal and tailored for building government websites. It adds large amount of functionality on top of the Drupal core, so it may need more resources than bare-bones Drupal. If a user is familiar with Drupal, he should feel right at home sing OpenPublic. Features of OpenPublic:- Customizable Look and Feel- ...
  4. No Screenshot
    1098 total visits
    e107mods is modified core, plugin and theme files, that will fix problems or add functioanlity to the e107 system.
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