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  1. Blog:CMS to NucleusCMS Conversion Tools
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    A while ago it became apparent that Blog:CMS would not always do the job for everyone (if anyone). As it is only a branch of NucleusCMS (lacking some of the better new features like stability) and as it retains reasonable backwards compatibility it makes sense to create a convert tool. Since NucleusCMS has become extremely good, and often out matches ...
  2. Html2ps
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    PHP equivalent to the popular Perl script by the same name. Accurately converts W3C 4 HTML, images, complex tables (including rowspan/colspan), layers/divs, and CSS styles. Html2ps is a free PHP PDF class. Render pages as PDF documents or PostScript files. Options available for FPdf generation, form processing, PDFLib support, and many more!Features of Html2ps: - Supports nested tables, - advanced ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Unicode Conversion Gateway is a web-based proxy server to convert some of the Indian language web pages encoded in proprietary encodings into Unicode. Padma, a popular Firefox extension, is extended and reimplemented in PHP to create this proxy server.
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