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  1. LinusHome
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    LinusHome is designed to control your home over the web or a local network.It consists of a backend in Python using Sqlite3 databases. The front end web is written mainly in JavaScript and PHP. Right now Denon receivers, a projector and CM11 X10.
  2. ASVCS - A Simple Version Control System
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    A Simple Version Control System is an easy to install and use version control system.It is written entirely in PHP and stores data in a SQL database. ASVCS is a great choice for those who not need or want the complexity of most version control systems.
  3. TRUC - Tracking Requirements and Use Cases
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    TRUC is a web-based tool for requirement and use case tracking. It has fileupload, discussions, version control, usecase history, build and release management. TRUC - Tracking Requirements and Use Cases supports assignment of requirements & use-cases to releases and filtering over all fields.
  4. No Screenshot
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    A Web Control Library written for PHP4/5. Completely object oriented Design. This includes TabbedPane, Panels and others. An EventController handles asynchronous data acces via JavaScript.
  5. WebDesktop
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    WebDesktop is a Desktop Enviroment for your Server. WebDesktop uses an AJAX-like JavaScript/PHP combination with a HTML/CSS frontend.You can use WebDesktop via your web browser (currently it is only tested to work with Firefox).
  6. No Screenshot
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    VCore is a hosting control interface developed for Linux hosts.
  7. OpenFlow
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    OpenFlow is a web based, publishing workflow management system aimed at magazine production, controlling editorial planning thru imposition. It uses web standards (XHTML, CSS, javascript, XML, XSL, RDF) making it easy to configure and customize.
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