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    When you first come across HostCMS it might intimidate and deter you away from using it. This is it because it was developed by a Russian team and its homepage is in Russian. But if you take the time to install and configure it, HostCMS can easily be deployed with an English interface, for English sites, or any other language ...
  2. RuubikCMS
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    RuubikCMS is an open source PHP website content management tool. The CMS was built to suit needs for both developer and user. Features of RuubikCMS:For the end-user:- Easily publish web pages and news- Easily add images and other files- No HTML or any other coding skills required- WYSIWYG editing and easy multiple file uploads out of the box For the ...
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    tinyphpadmin is one of the (or even THE) tiniest script to edit and update your content on your website (kind of a very basic CMS). It can edit your website' contents with your webbrowser so easy. Features of tinyphpadmin:- no installation needed- no database needed- easy to use- WYSIWYG editor included (a version with and without WYSIWYG editor is available)- ...
  4. Dev's CMS
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    This is a minimalistic PHP CMS. And it's mainly made of a collection of PHP scripts which eases the task of managing a PHP and MySQL site. An administrative interface is provided, for easily managing content.Features of Dev's CMS:- MySQL database queries- PHP templates- Basic authenticating- Nested sorting- File management- Galleries- Admin interfaceLimitations:- Admin interface is in Swedish.
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    popupMsg generates HTML and Javascript to show a box with a message that can close and disappear from the page when the user clicks in a button or after a given period of time.CSS styles can be used to configure the presentation of the message box details.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Welcome to 8TEM.COM. Here, you can find variety of free web template collection whether it is html template, php templates or theme templates, such as xoops. Our collection is growing daily so be sure to check back often for more Free Templates.If you can't find a free template that suits your needs, you can always check our shop at 8TEM'S ...
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    You love this nice little tooltips that apaer over some keywords in the page? Then you need lexiword.This little plugin generates the tooltips or however you want the term to be highlighted (i.E. with a link to the glossary-page). The terms and their corresponding annotations are taken from a glossary-file with a flexible HTML-syntax.
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    This plugin modifies the contentfields before they are put into the templates. Many modifiers are available (See http://smarty.php.net/manual/de/language.modifiers.php). The plugin walks through the template files and searches for the modifier-syntax. Then it modifies the corresponding content-fields, if it does not exists (i.e. if you use the date-modifier to show the last cache-time), it creates it. You also may create your ...
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    phpCMS-Plugin: Error4phpCMS creates an informative error-message instead of crypted code. It uses a modular-system for finding an alternative file if the called filename.
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    QWebEditor is a customizable browser-based HTML editor. Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management system or any web sites require asking users to enter formatted text. It supports popular browsers like IE5.5+, Netscape 7.1+ and Mozilla 1.4+. It uses JavaScript and DHTML only and it is easy to be integrated into your web sites.Moreover, your users do not need ...
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    Easysite is a program entirely written in PHP that allows you to create your web site fast and easy. Once you create the content of your site, Easysite automatically builds your entire Web site using templates.The program looks for existing directory after directory, and creates an image for a sub-category. Then it looks for existing html pages and prints it ...
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    PHP Content Architect provides tools for managing content and defining site architectures. NOTE: - SOME FILES IN THIS PROJECT SHOULD NO LONGER BE CONSIDERED SECURE - DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT FOR THIS PROJECT HAS CEASED
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    ProdLer - A multi-language PHP content management system that allows you to make a products catalogue quickly. The data that will be saved on the DB is: brands of the products, categories of the products (n levels), and dealers for the products.
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    XmlWeblication, PHP/XML Class Library to manage webcontent and application-modules.
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