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    Ace Operator is a free open-source web-based customer contact solution. It is an inexpensive way for your online customers to communicate live with your company representatives (operators) who can provide real-time customer service, sales support, product information and support, company information or training. Online customers can access operator services by simply clicking a button on any of your web pages. ...
  2. AddressBook
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    AddressBook is a PHP-based contacts manager and will allow an user to keep all of his contact data online, on his own server, privately. Features of AddressBook:- Hold all user contact data- Unlimited contacts- Filtering contacts by alphabet- Login protected address book- Google Maps integration- Graphic installer- User groups Limitations:- Problems arise when installing the script into a sub-folder. What's ...
  3. Webify Contact Form
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    Webify Contact Form is a free PHP Contact Form Script. Templatable, unified multi-admin, plug and play, multi-lingual Website Apps (PHP Scripts) that are super easy to use and totally customizable. Features of Webify Contact Form:- Form Designer- 1 Minute App Installation- Customizable- Unified Multi-App Control Panel- On-The-Fly Content Editing- Integrated with Google Translate- Integrated with Google Maps & Google Earth ...
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    Agenda Pro is a simple multi-user web-based contact manager designed for modern companies to schedule their agenda as easy as to write word document.
  5. Gcontact
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    GContact is a Web based address book in Ajax/PHP : multi-user, multi-contacts (email,phone,icq,msn,...) & multi-address for each person, birthday reminder by email, mailing-list management, Excel export... Gcontact is still not a complete one, so more functions will be achieved once it is completed.
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    Jot-pad is a mini online web-based Personal Information Management (PIM) application with: notes, todo, contacts, passwords, bookmarks, projects and timesheets, utilizing CodeIgniter and Dojo libraries.
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    Contact list grabber is written in PHP used to import address books (Contact List) from Gmail, Yahoo!, Lycos, AOL, and MSN Messenger contacts.
  8. Contrack Order Management
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    Contrack Order Management is a web-enabled order-centric management software that supports the planning and management of the order's complete life-cycle. It supports order entry, contacts management, production planning and tracking as well as financial monitoring.
  9. Nfg
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    Nfg, a simplistic web project to enable a user to view and manage files, email, contacts and other information in as many locations as possible.
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    WebDex, a Simple contact management system, aka browser based rolodex. Includes mass mailing of html mime messages to contact lists, export to csv, Fulltext boolean searches, etc.Requirements: - PHP 4.3.1 or higher- MySQL 4.0.1 or higher
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    LDAP contact manager is dual purpose, serving as a contact management interface for centralising the contents of personal address books, as well as providing a modular web messaging interface.
  12. Free Ajax Contact Form
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    Free Ajax Contact Form is Powered by Ajax and PHP. You just need to make your own form, add the js file and we do the rest. This script supports all common form types: textbox, textarea, listmenues, checkboxes and option buttons. Features of Free Ajax Contact Form:- Powered by Ajax and PHP.- Simple configuration file.- You make your own form, ...
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