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    The Recipe PHP5 Framework is a strong foundation for applications and communities. Recipe PHP5 Framework is completly written for PHP5 and come with a broad band of basic functions.
  2. NextBBS - Message Board Software
    2036 total visits
    NextBBS lets you create your own Community with unrivaled ease of use. Even though the software is highly performant, it doesn't lack any feature that makes big boards attractive. In fact, it offers the most "Web 2.0" experience currently available.
  3. OpenExpert
    2274 total visits
    OpenExpert. Web based and Easy to Use Expert System. The project is designed to create, as a community, an open source, easy to use expert system, accessible to both small and large organizations.
  4. TGS Content Management
    1765 total visits
    TGS Content Management is a free Open Source Web Content Management System written in PHP. TGS Content Management is the ideal system for providing small to midsize community websites, intranet portals, corporate portals and many more.
  5. AdaptBB
    1797 total visits
    AdaptBB is a new open source forum system. The idea behind AdaptBB is to have a well-done, adaptable and easy to use forum system.
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    1769 total visits
    Pal Vibes is an open source community web application which was written by PHP. It integrates Google Map with it together. User can locate themselves and their friends in Google Map easily.
  7. Blogora
    2093 total visits
    Blogora is a unique combination of a blogging platform and forum software into a single system, orginating from the blogoscoped blog. This combination makes it possible to create a tighter community behind a blog or a public home in case of a community.
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    OrangeMesh is a network management dashboard for communities are running ROBIN-based mesh networks. It provides powerful network status visualization tools and a centralized network configuration for your networks. And OrangeMesh is specifically designed for community wireless networks, with tools to help manage community members and to grow your network organically.
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    The Open Translation Engine OTE is a web-based translation dictionary manager. The OTE allows a community of users to create and manage one or many translation dictionaries. The OTE is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.
  10. KimsQ
    1588 total visits
    KimsQ is the CMS(Contents Management System) solution to produce and manage for contents easily. Enable to build website quite quick and easy. Support to make Blog/Community/Portal and extend Internet shopping mall/Groupware using extension.
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    1741 total visits
    The Social Media Toolkit (SMT), is an open source platform designed to help organizations run community-driven, topic-based news websites, similar to newscloud.com, albeit simpler and more streamlined.
  12. MySonar
    1649 total visits
    MySonar ist Deutschlands erste standortbezogene Handy-Community mit eigener Whrung. User finden ber ihr Handy Freunde, Flirts, Partys und Pltze in ihrer Nhe. Dieser mySonar-Client (PHP5) nutzt die kostenlose SOAP-API des mySonar-Servers.
  13. Buran
    1787 total visits
    Buran is a content/community management system written in PHP. The project is built on the basic principles of modularity, simplicity and flexibility, it seeks to offer all the features you'd expect from a modern CMS without the associated cruft and complexity.
  14. XMB eXtreme Message Board
    1589 total visits
    EXtreme Message Board (XMB) is a lightweight forum software with all the features you need to support a growing community.Features of XMB eXtreme Message Board:- Forum Organization with Categories, Forums & Sub-Forums- Easy to use Member Management- Anti-spam image verification for registration and anonymous posting- U2U Private Messaging- Inline Mass Moderation- Easy-to-use Theming Interface- Board Rules & FAQ System
  15. Web2.0 community/group web site
    1748 total visits
    A web 2.0 community web site, which can be deployed on any web hosting servers. This includes a web messenger and an blogging platform.
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