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  1. SomeryC
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    Designed as a Webcomic Management System, SomeryC is simple to use, but very flexible. It is simple to install and has the power to drive not only webcomics, but photoblogs and daily media blogs as well. Built on Somery, SomeryC has everything needed to create an amazing site, as well as a large library of functions, allowing the user to ...
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    phpGrabComics is a program to grab and save comic strips from web. It supports more than 200 comic strips, and it is very easy to implement new modules. Some of the supported sites are Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes and Snoopy.
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    ComicFlow is a full featured, highly customized Open Source package for collecting and organizing comics. The package has a user friendly interface, a simple and straightforward administration panel. It is simply the number one tool for comic collectors.
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    Comic, a mambo, web based application for organizing your comics. With user login, load module, forum module, owner module, template mamagement and many oder things.
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    Xcomic is a comic management script that fits within any site to facilitate the publishing of web comics (like Megatokyo). Features of Xcomic: - maximum customizability, - news posting, - control panel, - PHP and SQL backend,- XHTML/CSS compliant, - OOP design.
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    ACSoc Comics Library Management System, a web-based comic books library management system implemented in PHP+MySQL.It aims at replacing the paper-records for circulation of comic books of student societies, while it would be suitable for comic cafes, VHS renting shops, or personal collection.
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    Comic Pub is a program written in PHP to allow anyone with a web browser and server to manage an internet based comic strip.
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    PHP-Comics is a Comic viewer written in PHP/MySQL for reading .cbr and .cbz files.
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