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  1. XP Framework
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    XP Framework is a fully featured PHP object oriented framework. The framework offers consistent, multi-purpose, object oriented, production-tested collection of scripts, APIs for app server connectivity, web services, dynamic web sites, date access and manipulation, logging, collections, I/O, databases, O/R mapping, XML, unittesting, and much more. It also implements many common programming patterns used with C# or Java. Features of ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Congruency isn't any one thing, it's a collection of many things. Think of Congruency as an operating environment to unify different web applications. I would like to see multiple different web applications running concurrently in Congruency.
  3. ARK
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    ARK the Archaeological Recording Kit is an opensource, standards compliant, web-delivered system for the creation, storage, manipulation and publication of archaeological data and media.In other words, it’s a system you can use to put your archaeological data on the web so that you can work on it and share it.The key aspects of Ark are as follows:- The Gayest Thing ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    IChair is a powerful submission/review server software.IChair is designed to help the program chair of a conference with:- submission collection- assignment of articles to reviewers- review collection- discussions- mailing to authors and reviewers
  5. Phpress
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    Phpress is a tool to help archivists and historians to scan, stock, display and analyse collections of newspapers.Functions of Phpress:- a system to help you to scan newspapers pages from a microfilm roll or from original papers, to organize the pages, to convert them into PNG or JPG format and to backup your work.- a system to quickly find and ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    Helium WebMiB is a PHP script / phpBB3 MOD that integrates with a Helium Music Manager database to provide a web front-end display for your music collection. It is an easy way for your friends & family to view your music collection from anywhere in the world.
  7. phpLabMan
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    phpLabMan is collection of web applications designed for use in University environments. Applications include an equipment checkout and attendance system. This project is no longer being maintained.
  8. No Screenshot
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    AppForMap is a collection of PHP modules for web mapping.The project comprises both clients and server for dealing with simple features, GML, WKT, WMS, WFS, PostGIS databases etc. It can also act as a backend for an OpenLayers frontend.
  9. No Screenshot
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    PowerMovieList is a PHP/MySQL-script for your movie-collection.
  10. No Screenshot
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    World Coin collecting facility to manage a collection of world [modern] coins.Web interface.Requirements:- PHP- MySql
  11. No Screenshot
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    Magic Accountant is a web based Magic The Gathering card collection manager written in PHP utilizing MySQL.
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