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  1. WebIssues Server
    471 total visits
    WebIssues is an open source, multi-platform system for issue tracking and team collaboration. It can be used to store, share and track issues with various attributes, comments and file attachments. It is easy to install and use but has many capabilities and is highly customizable. Features of WebIssues:- Email notifications sent by the WebIssues Server can now include links to ...
  2. Chamilo
    1443 total visits
    Chamilo is a free and open source PHP education software aims to bring you the best e-learning and collaboration platform to improve your way of learning, which is currently used by more than 250,000 students around the world to enjoy online education. Its reputation so far is very good. Chamilo is also used by Governments, private companies, public and private ...
  3. ActiveCollab
    5544 total visits
    ActiveCollab is a PHP project management and collaboration tool that you can set up on your own server or local network. Work with your team, clients and contractors in an easy to use environment, while keeping full control over your data. And the project is now improved with Invoice and Source Modules. Features of ActiveCollab:- Keep Projects on Track: activeCollab ...
  4. Streber
    3299 total visits
    Streber is a free and Open Source Wiki based PHP project management tool to keep track of tasks, bugs, people, companies, time-efforts, client-pages and more. Extensive users-rights for publishing information to others and clients. Project-User-Rights can be adjusted to provide clients a limited view of the current project state. Features of Streber:- Version controlled upload of files- Advanced Formatting with ...
  5. ATUIN
    1696 total visits
    ATUIN (Atuin the unique innovation network) is a wiki-inspired collaboration platform for creating a problem-solution network written in PHP (implementing the Zend Framework) using XML/RDF files.
  6. Todoyu
    4405 total visits
    Todoyu is a web 2.0 PHP task and Project management, time tracking and team collaboration tool to get tasks down with your team. It is designed to bring your team and clients together to work jointly on projects. Functions of Todoyu:- manage multiple projects with team members but also clients online- overview your customer's data- assign tasks to team member ...
  7. Feng Office: Your World Wide Office
    3928 total visits
    Feng Office - formerly known as OpenGoo, is a free and Open Source WebOffice, PHP project management and collaboration tool, licensed under the Affero GPL 3 license. Feng Office allows businesses to manage project tasks, billing, documents, communication with co-workers, customers and vendors, schedule meetings and events, and share every kind of electronic information. Features of Feng Office: - WORKSPACES ...
  8. No Screenshot
    2575 total visits
    GROUP-E integrates groupware, project management and business server on one platform. The solution is based on a LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
  9. No Screenshot
    3418 total visits
    PhpGroupWare is a fully featured, web based messaging, collaboration and enterprise management platform.phpGroupware is a OpenSource PHP Groupware project. phpGroupWare comes with over 50 applications that can be mixed and matched according to your needs.Features of phpGroupWare:- Contacts management- Email- Shared calendar- Web content and document management and sharing- Project management- Issues tracking
  10. OpenCollab
    2769 total visits
    OpenCollab is an enterprise 2.0 company collaboration tool which can be used as knowledgebase or social-community with a rpc-API to extend with new features. openCollab is an easy to use social network and collaboration-tool for you, your friends, family or company. It has all the features you already know from sites like facebook, linkedIn, xing, studivz and many more.
  11. Collabtive
    3332 total visits
    Collabtive is cloud based groupware easy and efficient for your projectsweb Collabtive is also a web-based collaboration software. It is an Open Source PHP groupware alternative for proprietary tools like Active Collab or Basecamp.Features of Collabtive:Core functionality- Unlimited projects, milestones, tasklists, and tasks- Unlimited members with user profiles- Role-based permission management- Messaging and instant messaging- File management- TimetrackingReporting and notifications- ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2402 total visits
    EGroupware is a multi-user, web-based groupware suite. EGroupware is an OpenSource PHP groupware project.Currently available modules include: email, addressbook, calendar, infolog (notes, to-do's, phone calls), content management, wiki, project management, tracker, timesheet, knowledge base.What's new in EGroupware v1.8:- Inclusion of postinstall script from EPL (automatic install/update)- Full timezone support including recurring events- Visualisation of participant status of events, mark invitations- ...
  13. TestLink
    2969 total visits
    TestLink is a web based Test Management tool. The application provides Test specification, Test plans and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification and collaborate with well-known bug trackers.
  14. Openucf
    2315 total visits
    Openucf - Open UC Framework is a user- and service-oriented VoIP- and Collaboration-Framework.Functions of Openucf: - Erreichbarkeit Accessibility- One-Number-Concept One Number Concept- Anrufrouting Call Routing- eine Voicemail a voice mail- zentrale Kontaktdaten central contact- vorhandene Groupware als Datenquelle existing groupware as a data source- Nutzung im Telefon-Adressbuch, Web-Anwendung, Rufnummern-Auflösung Use the phone address book, web application, numbers-resolution
  15. Dokeos
    2636 total visits
    Dokeos is an Open Source elearning and course management web application translated in 34 languages and helping more than 1.000 organisations worldwide to manage learning and collaboration activities.Dokeos is extremely scalable thanks to the PHP MySQL combination. It is already used in several Universities serving around 30.000 students and 4000 courses.
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