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  1. CodeIgniter
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    CodeIgniter is a powerful, simple and elegant PHP framework for creating full-featured web applications. It lets the user creatively concentrate on the project by minimizing the amount of code needed for any given task or feature. Features of CodeIgniter:- Exceptional performance- Already used in many large scale real-life applications- Small footprint- Broad compatibility with many standard hosting accounts- Lots of ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    IDSlot is an online identity management system. Written in PHP, on top of CodeIgniter and to use with a MySQL database, IDSlot is for businesses and personal sites alike. It will present crucial information about a person or company, contact information and any other kind of details. It's perfect for publishing an online contact card or CV. Features of IDSlot:- ...
  3. Bonfire
    839 total visits
    Bonfire is a Web-based GUI for deploying CodeIgniter installations. Bonfire is not a CMS or framework like CodeIgniter, but a tool to deploy and customize a CodeIgniter installation. All done using a nicely crafted UI, instead of the clunky way of editing the raw source code. Features of Bonfire:- Install script- Admin dashboard- Modular code base- Twitter Bootstrap powered interface- ...
  4. Hero
    671 total visits
    Hero is a modern PHP content management system (CMS) based on the CodeIgniter framework. For more complex installations, Hero is also available as a hosted solution. Features of Hero:- Easy to use graphic installer- Admin panel- WYSIWYG editing- Themes- Modules- Reports center- Manage multiple content types- Mass mailer- Analytics package- Menu manager- RSS syndication- Easy members management- SEO friendly- Export ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    PHBEE is a PHP micro framework for developing MVC web applications. It is inspired by other most famous tools like Zend Framework and CodeIgniter. Unlike them, PHBEE is much smaller, easier to deploy and removes most of the overhead in those tools.
  6. No Screenshot
    1199 total visits
    This is an easy to use online store solution based on CodeIgniter. It can be used from small to large stores, allowing the admin unrestricted and totally controllable access of his product catalog. Features of GoCart:Categories:- Unlimited categories- Tiered categories with unlimited depth- Editable category title and meta data- Editable category content section- WYSIWYG content editor- Organized contained products with ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP Framework for building web applications. Catalyzer is loosely based on CodeIgniter. It is also modeled after the MVC design pattern.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or HigherLimitation:- No documentation
  8. OzLancer Pro - Outsourcing / Freelance Marketplace platform
    1893 total visits
    Outsourcing Marketplace Software focused on matching Customers with Service Providers. Using the best technologies available (CodeIgniter and jQuery), it boasts impressive features based on popular sites like RedBeacon and Thumbtack.Features of OzLancer Pro - Outsourcing / Freelance Marketplace platform:- Easy to use on a daily basis, for technical & business types- Search Engine Friendly: Friendly URLs, page meta, Google Analytics ...
  9. Fuel CMS
    1780 total visits
    Fuel CMS is an easy, flexible, empowering PHP CMS(Content Management System) for rapid development based on the popular CodeIgniter PHP framework, which will help transform your CodeIgniter projects into client manageable brilliance. It allows you to create your models, views and controllers like normal and only use the CMS part when and if you need it.FUEL CMS evolved out of ...
  10. Kohana Framework
    822 total visits
    Kohana is an elegant swift HMVC PHP framework built using PHP5, it provides a rich set of components for building web applications. Very little configuration required in this framework, it fully supports UTF-8 and i18n, and provides many of the tools that a developer needs within a highly flexible system. The integrated class auto-loading, cascading filesystem, highly consistent API, and ...
  11. Sweetcron
    444 total visits
    Sweetcron is a self-hosted lifestreaming application that supports themes & plugins. Sweetcron is a free PHP Blog project, it is based on the CodeIgniter php framework, from EllisLab. Features of Sweetcron:- Automatic Import: Uploaded a photo to flickr? Bookmarked a new site? In a few minutes it will show up on your blog!- Easily Customisable: Edit simple templates to change ...
  12. CIMyAdmin
    1084 total visits
    CIMyAdmin is a cleaner, faster, better, stronger MySQL Administration tool. CIMyAdmin is a professional PHP database project, which is built on the light-weight CodeIgniter Framework. It is designed with simplicity, elegance, and power in mind. It isn't tied to stigmas of the past, and in looking to the future, supports the latest and greatest of technologies.Features of CIMyAdmin:- Lightweight / ...
  13. MyClientBase
    6073 total visits
    MyClientBase is a CodeIgniter-based client and invoice management suite. It is developed for Web professionals and freelancers, MyClientBase is perfect for managing large client pools. Packed with lots of features, it provides a self-hosted CRM for managing invoices, customers, quotes, payments and tax zones. Features of MyClientBase:- Based on CodeIgniter- Easy installation script- Password-protected admin- Reports center- Manage invoices- Manage ...
  14. BackendPro
    852 total visits
    BackendPro is a control panel for developers written in PHP for the CodeIgniter framework. Its not like a CMS where it provides you with a full working system but it does provide you with part of a system. What I mean by this is it provides you with functionality to do all the simple repetitive tasks like authentication, permissions and ...
  15. Blogmer
    762 total visits
    Blogmer is an Open Source PHP Blog and using the popular MySQL database back-end to store data. It is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized websites which require an easy to use blog without the bloat, that produces standards compliant output, is secure and easily configurable.Unlike other popular PHP Blog systems, Blogmer does not strive to have as many ...
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