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    AppGini create web database applications instantly without writing any code: Spend less effort, reduce development costs and stop wasting your time! Features of AppGini:- An easy graphical interface that will help you create your web application in minutes (No programming background is required).- Automatic code generation, and the ability to edit both functionality and appearance of pages.- Ability to create ...
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    uTemplate is a small PHP script for implementing a simple template engine, which is under 20 lines of code. It is extremely lightweight, but not that full of features.
  3. Traq
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    Traq is a PHP and MySQL powered project tracker and can be used to manage code developing projects. Features of Traq:- Multiple Projects - Manage multiple projects easily and effecively with Traq's multiple project features.- Milestones - Easily manage bugs and requests with project milestones.- Timeline - See what, and when, changes were made, tickets opened or closed with the ...
  4. Adventure PHP Framework
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    The Adventure PHP Framework (APF) understands itself as a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP web applications. It supports the developer in creating programs in compliance with approved software design patterns. Its code base already has answers to many day-to-day problems. The framework cannot be described as an application that only has to be configured but rather as ...
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    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 PWF is a lightweight but powerful framework for creating web applications with clean code and clear architecture. PWF is focused on making the code to make sense in an MVC OOP implementation. Clean URL routing and method used depending on the request type – event. Caching methods and AJAX utilities, database abstraction and object ...
  6. Pelzini
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    Pelzini is a code documenter for PHP, JavaScript and C which uses a database to facilitate such features as Search! The project is written in PHP, and using MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite, Pelzini is the documentation tool of the future!
  7. Tangra Framework for PHP
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    Tangra Framework is a framework for development of PHP 5 applications. It's main target is to boost the productivity of the developers. It consist code library, modules and control center. General idea is by providing consistent, robust and powerful tools and environment to free the developers from annoying repetative tasks and let them concentrate on important part of the applications. ...
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    LNP is a really simple News portal made with PHP, the code is pretty small and fast, no toys, no fanzy features, only the news.
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    Promisance code based on QM Promisance 3.0 with many differences between them.
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    FPCode is a lightweight web publishing system. It is intended for (but not limited to) Chinese Mac OS X users. The code is (and will be) used in our production site.
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