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    QuickApps CMS is a free open source CMS (Content Management System) powered by cakePHP 2.0 framework. It has some of the most remarkable characteristics from Drupal like Modularzation, Node architecture, Content Types systeam creation and Field API (CCK). It is a simple application, but robust enough to create and manage virtually any website, from very simplistic websites (static content), as ...
  2. Habari
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    Habari is a community-driven Open Source project, which is next-generation blogging. Habari is most sucessful when passionate people share theire experience and their expertise to improve it.Features of Habari:- Modular, object-oriented core for easy extensibility- Supports multiple database backends (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL)- Uses prepared statements throughout to protect against SQL injection attacks- Media silos to directly access various ways of ...
  3. 11in1
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    11in1 is an Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) that is written in PHP and powered by MySQL and does not only help you manage your personal blog but also maintain your postings at social networks. By establishing consistency among the data transmitted from and to the blog, this CMS sustains continuous harmonization of your data over time. Requirements: - PHP ...
  4. Havalite
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    Havalite, a new lightweight Content Management Systme. It is a free and Open Source PHP CMS blog based on SQLite db.Features of Havalite:- Simple 1 step wizard installation- Text, Images and swf files all saved as data in Sqlite Database- Two different image sizes: Original and Thumnail- Backup for the whole system including images in only one Sqlite file.- SqLite3 ...
  5. Jumbo
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    Jumbo is a bare-bones content management system. It is an Open Source PHP CMS. Built with PHP and SQLite, it allows the admin to upload a page template, add content, upload images, upload documents and publish his site.Features of Jumbo:- Admin panel- Real-time front-end editing- Page template editing- File manager- Media manager- Document manager- Menu manager- User management- Drag and ...
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    Banana Dance by Ascad Networks, is an Open Source PHP/MySQL based program. It is desiged to combine the simplicity of wiki-publishing software with the versatiliy of a CMS. The program also promotes community-building through organized and user-rated commenting features.Highly flexible with theme-integration and extension availability Banana Dance can be used for all types of purposes, whether it be to create ...
  7. OpenRat CMS
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    OpenRat CMS is a free and lightweight PHP CMS project. Due to its small code core and lack of features, OpenRat is recommended for small projects, with no advanced features or complexity.Features of OpenRat CMS:- OpenRat supports webDAV- CK-Editor for editing content- Admin panel- Documentation- Open-ID support- User management- Multiple sitesRequirements:- PHP 4.1 or Higher
  8. Open Journal Systems
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    This is a journal management and publishing system written in PHP. Open Journal Systems (OJS) assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing.OJS's main area of interest is to develop and enhance the way research journals are managed and published.Features of Open Journal System:- OJS is installed locally and locally controlled.- ...
  9. Open Conference Systems
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    This is an Open Source PHP CMS script for creating conference websites. It holds all the tools necessary in creating and managing a website that keeps track of scholastic or other types of conferences.Features of Open Conference Systems:- Create a conference website- Compose and send a call for papers- Electronically accept paper and abstract submissions- Allow paper submitters to edit ...
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    This is a PHP CMS that stores data inside plain text files. texTPress is built without the need for setting the database. Once you finish putting the files to the server, this application can be executed directly. The CMS is very lightweight and allows the user to easily install and customize his site. Features of texTPress:- Graphic installer- Color modes- ...
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    Newscoop is a web publishing system that can bring newspaper or magazine content to the online world. Newscoop was previously known as Campsite.It is often used by media organizations who also have a printed version of their publication, enabling them to increase their revenues with online subscriptions and ads.There are many systems that might seem similar to Newscoop (Campsite), but ...
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    This is a simple to use content management system. PHPKIT WCMS is an open source PHP CMS project. It allow non-technical users to install and manage their own website. Features of PHPKIT WCMS:- Admin panel- Graphic installer- Forum management- User management- Modular design- Theme manager- RSS feeds- Guestbook- WYSIWYG editor- Smileys- Categories- BBcode support- File manager- Avatars- Private messages- User ...
  13. Zazavi
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    Zazavi is a free website builder designed with a simple drag-and-drop interface so that absolutely no programming skills are required. You can build your website for completely free within just a couple hours!Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher- MySQL 5.0 or Higher- Web server: Apache- PHP's GD extension with TrueType support (enabled in PHP 5.0 or above) - Mod_rewrite for Apache ...
  14. Nuggetz CMS
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    This is a PHP CMS with inline modal module editing. Nuggetz facilitates simple content management for websites that either don't have database resources or, a full CMS system is overkill for the level of content management required.Sections of webpages can be made editable using Nuggetz, it integrates easilly with any website design, and is very straightforward to use. Editable PHP ...
  15. CMSimple LE
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    CMSimple LE is a content management system primarily designed for easy creation and maintenace of small commercial sites, or sites fo associations and individual.Features of CMSiple LE:- Easy installation- Compatible with major browsers on Windows, Linux and MacOS- The CMS script is less than 100 KB- Template driven layout using a css script- The contents of the site is stored ...
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