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    SSR technology is a freely available Web application development and publishing engine (Content Management System, CMS). It's provide powerful API and core function: Very flexible role based user access; Session management; pages and menu management;
  2. Sitellite CMS
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    Sitellite is an advanced web based Content Management System (CMS) and PHP framework which also utilizes Apache and MySQL technology to operate. Features of Sitellite CMS:- Edit your website securely from any location.- Publish in as many languages as you want.- Over 2 dozen bundled modules for common website features (calendar, blog, search, e-commerce, news, events, and more).- Search engine ...
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    Arash is a Content Management System specialisized on multimedia. Target group are small radio stations that like to map their programs to the web as audio on demand.
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    Providing a hub for the development of modules for the E-Xoops CMS, including the porting of existing modules developed for other CMSs.Modules developed here are intended to have be consistent with the E-Xoops core code and to use E-Xoops core functiona
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    PBcms is a simple light weight, file based content management system written in PHP scripting language. Featuring SOLMETRA SPAW Editor for working on the contentpages.
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    Simpleboard Forum Component for the Mambo Open Source CMS framework.
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    WebDex, a Simple contact management system, aka browser based rolodex. Includes mass mailing of html mime messages to contact lists, export to csv, Fulltext boolean searches, etc.Requirements: - PHP 4.3.1 or higher- MySQL 4.0.1 or higher
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    WebArchive is a framework to build a personalized contents manager. A content is a collection of coherent information as the cards of an address book, the items of a newspaper or the products of a catalog.
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    TOSMO/Mambo Managment, a repository & development home for Components, Modules, SuperPacks, Unofficial Core Add-Ons, & Templates for the Mambo Open Source CMS.All projects are open source, and new projects are welcome. For new projects, contact darksied9 to get adde.
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    open-medium.CMS is an Open Source Content Management System.
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    RunCms-RusMod: Modules for RUNCMS, Development of modules for RUNCMS from Ruscms.RU development group.RunCms-RusMod: Modules for RUNCMS is composed by two factors:- "MyArticles": the module of articles, - "Fles": archive of files, etc.
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    Poseidon is yet another web-based content management system, although its goals are a little different from most. It is intended to be as small, simple, and cleanly organized as possible. It does its job, and that's all.
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    PHPope is a webbased content management application providing full functionality for use with websites, intra- and extranets. The system is designed for high flexibility, it's modular structure allows individual adjustments to needs.
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    CMS for an employment search system is a CMS for an employment search system written in PHP/MySQL.
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    Lodel is a high quality web publishing system. It belongs to the family of Content Management System. Lodel is particularly respectful of the conventions of scholarly publishing,such as footnotes oage, text structure, the various sets of characters corresponding to non-Lation languages, diacritics, small caps, unbreakable spaces, etc...
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