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    Pindorama is an open source content management system designed for security and performance written in PHP, using XSLT as a templating system, and XML files as a database. It generates and outputs the result as flat files to the production website.
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    Light PHP Content Management System, a very lightweight drop-in database driven content managment system targeted for personal and small business use. Plans include support for MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, PostgreSQL, and XML.
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    SkuddCMS is a content management system geared towards scalability and expandability.
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    Really Simple CMS is a content management system that is designed to be simple and easy to use and administer. It is modularised so that additional modules can easily be implemented.
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    xeCMS is a simple php/flat-file content management system.
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    CMSphp provides a complete and simple web site content management system (CMS). It is developped in PHP-HTML and compatible with a lot of database : MySQL, MySQL4, MSAccess, MSSQL, ORACLE, PostGres7, DB2, MSSQL-ODBC.
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    gCMS, simple but powerful CMS for corporate sites, homepages and others. This is NOT portal system but standart-information-site engine.
  8. ComVironment
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    ComVironment is an Open-Source platform to set up network-based learning environments, using an innovative CMS that makes it possible to create an individual learning-platform.
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    A Community Learning Network is a fully functioning content management system designed especially for the non-profit social service sector. Simple to use, yet powerful content and permission management tools. E-learning focus, and multilingual support.
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    TikiPro Web Framework Project Renamed to bitweaver. CMS with: tiki & pear wiki, cms, articles / news, phpBB forum bulletin board, blogs, image photo gallery, file sharing, poll/survey, calendar. Tikiwiki upgrade PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, FireBird on Windows & Linux.
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    VSCMS is a very simple content managment system using templates based on smarty and mysql.
  12. myCampaignManager
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    myCampaignManager is a template-based email PHP newsletter content management system using a MySQL backend, It is capable of publishing an email campaign through any mailing list manager virtually. When publishing an email campaign, this free PHP project simply sends a single email addressed from you, directly to the address you usually send your email campaigns to. No HTML knowledge needed ...
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    ChurchCMS is the software to place on your church's website that is easily managed, self-intuitive, yet expandable via our module library. Features of ChurchCMS: - announcements, - calendar, - prayer requests manager, - and help wanted manager.
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    Site-Assistant is a PHP based CMS with mysql Database Support.Features of Site-Assistant:- Easy and clean system for beginners and experts. - Usable for anybody.- Multiple parallel projects are supported.- Site-Assistant can produce w3c AAA conform pages.Limitations:Backend is in german only
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    ExpCMS, a set of object oriented classes for creating web applications. Currently it has been converted to layer22.com PHP library.
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