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    Site@School is a CMS specially for primary schools. Many modules: eg. homepages for pupils, intranet for teachers, access management, email alerts and much more. Languages: EN, ES, PT-BR, NO, DE, DK, SE, GB, JP, NL, FR, FI, TR, PL, IT, BG.
  2. miniCMS
    1946 total visits
    miniCMS was created for a client who wanted a simple way to update their company web page without having to use desktop editing software. This Content Management System (CMS) incorporates a Rich Text Editor that allows you to easily edit webpage content using a web interface that integrates into your website. It uses a templating system so that you can ...
  3. Plume CMS
    1832 total visits
    Plume CMS is a fully functional Content Management System in PHP on top of MySQL. Including articles, news, file management and all of the general functionalities of a CMS. It is completely accessible and very easy to use on a daily basis. If you are looking for a simple to use, yet powerfull content management system, you may have found ...
  4. Trionic Cite CMS
    1492 total visits
    Cite enables web developers to set up complete websites in very short timeframes. It has all the functionality needed to create arbitrary site structures and a friendly interface for content editors makes filling pages a productive and easy process.
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    1532 total visits
    Else If is an php CMS for website management.
  6. XManager
    2192 total visits
    xmanager is an opensource CMS which uses PHP5 (OOP) and MySQL in a modular strategy. The main concept of XManager is to have an easy frontend to the user to manage the website and to create a backend/framework for developers/designers.
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    Tierce, a tiny, yet powerful CMS with huge expansion opportunities. With its simple yet powerful interface and backend, Tierce makes managing your site easy.
  8. Kami
    1799 total visits
    The Kami system is a web based content mangagement system for small time developers to utilize when creating large applications or websites. It's simplicity allows for large amounts of flexibility and is perfect for those large yet small applications.
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    1834 total visits
    kMagic is an open source based content management system, using php and MySQL and comes with a bunch of modules (e.g. shop module, rss feeds, fulltext search, sitemap, restricted areas, etc.) and features a highly scalable user-management for publishers.
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    1565 total visits
    KvCMS Content Management System is a Controller-View CMS and an associated basic framework. It is inspired by, but is not very similar to a Ruby on Rails CMS. Requirements:PHP5
  11. EazyPortal - CMS
    2166 total visits
    Eazyportal is a robust solution for Content Management CMS, maintain your website with eazy tools such as forum, news, polls. EazyPortal - CMS is designed with the latest technologies using smarty, css and xhtml, easy to customize, Admin friendly,easy to install.
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    2228 total visits
    iPortalbb is a CMS (Content Management System) based on phpbb3, it has modules, blocks and everything that phpbb3 has to offer... the current version of iPortalbb is not stable... so please dont use it if you are not an advanced user.
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    1449 total visits
    mthweb, a CMS written in PHP, very secure, easy to install and to use, very flexible, and oriented to spanish spoken world.
  14. wheatblog
    1558 total visits
    Wheatblog (wB) is an open source blogging and content management system (CMS) utilizing PHP and MySQL or SQLite.wheatblog is used for maintaining blog/weblog and news pages and includes an assortment of attractive, customizable design templates.
  15. phPortal
    2016 total visits
    phPortal is a Content Management System. phPortal contains phpBB2 core and phPortal shell. If you have a phpBB2 forum. You may upgrade to phPortal. phPortal have News page, Contact page and more...
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