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  1. EpisodeCMS
    970 total visits
    EpisodeCMS is CakePHP based content management system. Features: control panel, events API, module management, multilanguage and translations, themes. User interface consist of: main menu, logged user information, notification area, navigation area, content area, additional information area. Default menu separated to console, content, users. Requirements:- Apache 2.2+ (mod_rewrite)- PHP 5.0+ (curl, mysql)- MySQL 5.1+
  2. In-Portal
    1087 total visits
    In-Portal is a free and Open Source web 2.0 PHP CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to build, manage and run websites and applications of various functionality and complexity without having to do any programming. It is a CMM allows updating and managing online content, such as text, images, videos or data records and also allows for a more ...
  3. Fuel CMS
    1780 total visits
    Fuel CMS is an easy, flexible, empowering PHP CMS(Content Management System) for rapid development based on the popular CodeIgniter PHP framework, which will help transform your CodeIgniter projects into client manageable brilliance. It allows you to create your models, views and controllers like normal and only use the CMS part when and if you need it.FUEL CMS evolved out of ...
  4. Shinobu
    451 total visits
    Shinobu is a simple to use PHP CMS (content management system) written in PHP 5 and based on MySQL. A normal user should be able to manage a simple Shinobu website, but if he or she would like to extend the website some knowledge of PHP is mandatory. The function for PostgreSQL and SQLite support will be fulfilled in future ...
  5. sNews
    1472 total visits
    sNews is a completely free PHP news publishing and maintaining tool on a website based on MySQL. It is also a extremely lightweight, simple and customizable PHP CMS(Content Management System). Integrating sNews into your existing design is simple, but you could also use sNews on it's own, as a simple Content Management System. Consisting of only one engine file, sNews ...
  6. Spitfire CMS
    553 total visits
    Spitfire is an innovative open source PHP content management system. It splits content into layout zones, text and utility. Using an admin dashboard loaded on the side of the site, it allows the admin to edit his desired sections. The admin panel is easy to use, and favors techies and newbies the same.What's New in This Version:- Fixed search function.- ...
  7. synType CMS
    656 total visits
    synType CMS is fast, secure, stable and easy to learn open source PHP CMS(Content Management System). It provides many tightly integrated features out of the box, where other systems require external modules you may even have to pay for. synType CMS lets you create, manage and publish your Web content with an intuitive, easy to learn user interface that runs ...
  8. HotaruCMS
    808 total visits
    Hotaru CMS (Japanese for firefly) was founded on June 18th 2009 by Nick Ramsay and is being developed by the Social Web CMS team and a number of enthusiastic users. In a nutshell Hotaru CMS is an open source (GPL3), plugin-powered content management system. Think of it as "Wordpress without blogging". If Wordpress didn't do blogging by itself, you'd need ...
  9. MemHT Portal
    1692 total visits
    MemHT Portal is a Free PHP CMS and PHP Blog. It permits the creation and the management online of websites with few and easy steps. It's completely customizable, expandable and suitable for all needs.Features of MemHT PHP Portal System:- Content management: Articles, Faq, Guides and News divided by topics- Blog: Posts, Comments, Categories, Archive- Visual (WYSIWYG) and BBCode text editors- ...
  10. RhinOS
    782 total visits
    RhinOS is a perfect tool for building a professional website, and manage it in a easy and dynamic way without needing technical knowledge. It allows an easy and fast way to create applications with user managed contents. You will be able to develop and shape custom-made applications thanks to the set of administration applications.Advantages of RhinOS:- Easy to use: you ...
  11. No Screenshot
    560 total visits
    VaselinEngine is a Zend Framework based PHP CMS/CMF solution, it uses OOP approach and MVC design pattern. Zend Framework was used in this PHP CMS because no bicycle wanted to be invented . And for view layer, Smarty template engine was used.Features of VaselinEngine:- Module based solution, and there is no strict rules in module creation- Build in user management ...
  12. Target CMS
    588 total visits
    Target CMS (TCMS) is an all-PHP Content Management System, using MySQL to hold all textual site content and providing an easy-to-use admin interface for site owners to manage their pages and add new ones. This PHP CMS implements a complete website using just PHP classes with supporting CSS and Javascript files. It is also a content management system for editors. ...
  13. W3studioCMS
    543 total visits
    W3studioCMS is a modern Open Source web 2.0 Content Management System application based on symfony framework and fully managed by ajax transactions. It has no limitation for the templates design. Totally Object Oriented, it is fully customizable and configurable. This PHP CMS is designed to give the ability to manage the contents of a web site to people without any ...
  14. Rain Framework
    631 total visits
    Rain Framework is a simple MVC PHP framework. The Rain Framework allows developers to build apps with a modern structure that can run anywhere and for anyone. Features of Rain Framework:- Easy to install- Easy configuration- Documentation- Low memory usage- Lightweight size- Sanitizes data- MVC pattern- Extendible
  15. Webessence CMS
    514 total visits
    Webessence CMS is an free and open source PHP CMS written in PHP 5 based on a MySQL database. In-page editing of content is the highlighted feature of this CMS.Installation:- Download the latest package of Webessence CMS and decompress it.- Upload it to the directory where you want to run your website.- Make sure the /webessence/weconfig.php file is writeable.- Run ...
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