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  1. Revou Twitter Clone Micro Blogging Script
    708 total visits
    ReVou Micro Blogging is a revolutionary PHP software that allows you to start your Twitter clone site. ReVou offers you the next generation social networking and mobile blogging solution for your users bringing more viral growth for your site.Revou is fully customizable and feature pack including:- SMS/Web/IM/Email support- Custom API- Mobile browser- ReVou vision addon- Google Maps Integration- Widgets Plugin- ...
  2. Pinterest Clone Script
    1187 total visits
    The most affordable Enterprise Solution for starting your own Pinterest Clone at only $179. Create your very own Pinterest Clone site in mins - Increase User Engagement, Customer Retention for your site or even create your own NICHE Pinterest site for your own social community. Key Features of Pinterest Clone Script:- Fully scalable- Comes with pre-loaded modules such as: Video ...
  3. Craigslist Classfieds PHP Clone Script
    2539 total visits
    This script is a framework that can be used to get your classified site up and running quickly. To best use this script, you are going to need to integrate it into your own website design. You should have some knowledge of HTML/CSS to do this. You don't need any knowledge PHP, just copy the text between the PHP tags ...
  4. Chirp: The Microblog
    801 total visits
    Chirp:The Microblog is a Twitter clone written in PHP and MySQL. It resembles the original twitter before twitter started resembling facebook. Chirp is a quick and easy, very user friendly microblog. Features of Chirp: The Microblog:- User areas- Public profiles support- Full theme support- Multi-language support- Friends list- Direct messaging- Emoticon supportRequirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher- MySQL 5.1 or Higher- ...
  5. Qikblogger
    1743 total visits
    Qikblogger is a clone of Blogger.com. It is a multi-user multi-blog engine (PHP + MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite) with support for permalinks, tags, RSS and customised themes (using Easy Template System).Motivation:The motivation behind Qikblogger is to provide an ideal solution for corporates, communities, institutions, organistaions and universities interested in providing a blogging space of their own.Features of Qikblogger:- Multi-user Multi-blog support- Custom theme ...
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