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    Some Chess was written in pure PHP using a MySql database as a backbone. It is multiplayer only allowing players to play together in realtime or in a correspondence style. Because it uses only PHP it is accessible even to the folks without java or javascript access. Some Chess can be set up as an invite only system (the default) ...
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    CompWebChess 2 is an open source web-based chess program and application which allows you to play chess over the internet in a turn-based setting, using PHP and MySQL.
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    MKGI Chess Club is a chess playing server with a pure Web interface. It features complete player profile management, full html email notification with embedded board display. It also includes an interface to match against chess engines such as gnuchess.
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    WebChess, a great persistant online chess game using PHP/MySQL on the backend and HTML/JavaScript on the front-end, which includes move validation, CHECK checking, pawn promotion and undo. It also has a login system which allows multiple simultaneous games.
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    La quatrime anomalie est un jeu entirement gratuit qui se situe mi chemin entre le jeu par correspondance et le jeu en temps rel. Il y a pas de notion de tour de jeu et vous jouez votre rythme tout en conservant les mmes chances de gagner.Vous
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    English description : Webbase chees, this chees gaming on the web by way of mail. It was written complitely in easy style and suitable to all users. Turkish description: internet zerinde mail yoluyla oynanan bir satranc oyunu.
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