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  1. Program-O
    1746 total visits
    Program-O, an AIML Interpreter written in PHP with MySQL.With Program-O, you will be able to have your own chatbot on your website, the chat engine is writen in PHP, with the AIML initially parsed into a MySQL database.
  2. Mibew Messenger
    2883 total visits
    Mibew Messenger is also known as Open Web Messenger, it is an open source live support application written in PHP and based on MySQL. It achieves one-on-one chat assistance in real-time directly from your website. You are required to place the button of web messager at your site, and your visitors can click the button and chat with your operators ...
  3. AJAX Chat - Open Source Web Chat
    2713 total visits
    AJAX Chat is a fully customizable web chat implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL which integrates nicely with common forum systems like phpBB, MyBB, PunBB, SMF and vBulletin. A Flash and Ruby based socket connection can be used to boost performance.
  4. No Screenshot
    1133 total visits
    Originally designed for the DevNode IRC network, QuoteBoat is a PHP Quote Database.
  5. Scow
    1873 total visits
    Scow (Simple Chat On Web) offers the simpliest solution to add IM fonctionnality to website. Scow is a web-based chat written in PHP, with Ajax functionnality (but not required).
  6. No Screenshot
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    Free WAP, WML, xHTML php scripts archive!!! Chat, forum, grabber, spammer, guestbook, services, tool, wap ftp, statistics, games, search, news, datind, wap portal, sms, downloads centre top sites scripts!!! Free Mysql wap php scripts!
  7. Psichat
    2095 total visits
    Psichat is a Multiroom-PHP-chat- and community-script. Low Requirements: - No MySQL; - no clint-side Java or Flash; - multiroom-chat; - temp-rooms; - private dialogs; - profiles, guestbooks, photos; - internal mailsystem;
  8. No Screenshot
    1548 total visits
    EXtensible Production Suite (XPS) is a web-based technology that is dedicated to reducing web development time and cost. EXtensible Production Suite (XPS) is a robust and secure engine that powers modular technologies such as news feeds, document editors, forums and real-time chats.
  9. No Screenshot
    2114 total visits
    Budabot is an Chat Automation for the MMORPG Anarchy Online. It is written in PHP5 and needs MySQL or SQLite for datastoring.
  10. pmchat
    1876 total visits
    PM Chat is an open source php based chat program that makes group chatting more easy and flexible with an option to support private group chat.
  11. No Screenshot
    2006 total visits
    xajaxChat, simple Chat Solution with PM, different Rooms and OPstatus based on xajax and implemented totally in PHP and JavaScript. Uses MySQL for Database Backend.
  12. ARSC Really Simple Chat
    2035 total visits
    ARSC is a webchat system that uses PHP and MySQL and allows comfortable chatting with every browser on the surface of this planet, using JavaScript, frames HTML streaming for modern browsers down to a one-page reload-yourself version for text browsers.
  13. EZChatbox
    1479 total visits
    EZChatbox, an easy to configure PHP chatbox solution for websites that require an easy to use, secure chat facility.
  14. No Screenshot
    1543 total visits
    LearnLoop is a web based GroupWare for collaborative learning.Features of LearnLoop: - Forums, - calendars, - webmail, - quiz, - peer-review, - chat, - file sharing, etc.
  15. Web LiveSupport Chat System
    2229 total visits
    Web LiveSupport Chat System is meant for the webmasters who want to provide online chat support system for there website like humanclick.The project is developed using java and php and mysql .There is no server side process invloved in this so u can host this system.
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